6 Ways To Make Your Commute More Enjoyable Each Day

If you dread your daily commute, it’s time to focus on these moments spent in your car and brainstorm ideas to make it better. More people than ever are being allowed to telecommute and are eliminating their daily commute, but for the rest of the traditional workforce, the daily drive to the office is a requirement. Here are six ways to make your commute less painful every day.

  1. Listen to Audiobooks

While most commuters navigate the roads listening to music each day, it may be a better option to go with something a little more cerebral, an audiobook. The average worker in the country commutes at least 25 minutes to the job. Instead of mindlessly listening to your playlist, why not explore new literary releases with an audiobook? Listening to a book can help you pass the time much more enjoyably and have you excited about getting behind the wheel.

  1. Carpool With Friends

Another way you can have a better commute each day is if you invite friends or colleagues along for the ride. If you and your pals work in a similar neighborhood, start a carpool and take turns going behind the wheel. Your carpool can help you save money on gas and parking, and spending that time with friends can help you feel more connected to those around you.

  1. Download the Right Apps

Today, there are dozens of apps you can use to help improve your commute, shorten your drive, and avoid traffic problems. Find your way out of gridlock with an app that helps plan your route and updates you with real-time traffic info and detours out of heavy traffic. You can also choose commute-friendly apps that help you take advantage of the downtime spent in your car and give you access to new skills.

  1. Focus on Personal Growth

Whether you’re using a new app or a traditional offline method, the time you spend in your car each day can also be used for personal growth. Some drivers use their daily commute each day to practice meditation, mindfulness, or positive self-talk. While it may seem a little weird at first, talking to yourself each day in your car, a pep talk before and after work can help you get pumped up or unwind during the toughest times of your career.

  1. Upgrade Your Car

If your commute is lengthy and miserable each day, you may just need a vehicle upgrade to improve it. You can enhance your driving experience with a sports car or swap out your old vehicle for something with better features and luxury add-ons. This way, you can feel more comfortable and excited every time you get into your new car.

  1. Improve Your Productivity

The last way you can improve your daily commute is to utilize your time in the car to get things done. Instead of making your commute time a hypnotic brain drain on the road, spend your time increasing your work productivity. You can conduct conference calls, dictate to-do lists, and more while sitting in traffic or navigating the roads near your office.

If your commute is getting your down, try these tips to make it less of a hassle. Start looking forward to that time you spend driving to and from work.


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