Arnon Dror – Overcome Your Business Cash flow Problems with Invoice Financing

Arnon Dror is among the very few financial professionals who stand out in the business world. Individuals who want to earn their fortune in this area strive to match their success. He has over 20 years of valuable experience under his belt. This MBA graduate has the privilege of occupying and discharging the office of Vice-President (Finance). However, unlike his contemporaries, he has held this position in a number of companies. These organizations include Xerox, Presstek Inc, Kodak, Creo Americas, Scitex, and Creo Inc. The officials of these establishments say he’s responsible for turning their concerns into profitable entities. They consider him to be an expert in many diverse fields. These include internal reconstruction, corporate merger, cash flow management, ERP integration, business negotiations, and international taxation.

Arnon Dror – Why should entrepreneurs consider hiring a reliable invoice provider?

This financial expert explains entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds have to deal with slowing-paying customers. Despite constant reminders to clear their outstanding dues promptly, these individuals refuse to change their habits. After all, these businessmen need the money they earn from credit sales. Otherwise, running the commercial operations of their organizations without any hassle becomes a tall order. This is because they end up suffering a cash crunch. Many of these businessmen do consider imposing penalties on these clients. Some even go to the extent of taking legal action against them. However, taking this course of action is both time-consuming and expensive. It disrupts their normal activities in the market. This professional suggests they could consider hiring the services of a reliable invoice factor. He points out the following 2 important reasons for taking this step:

  1. Instant funds

Many entrepreneurs do take out loans from commercial banks to overcome a cash crunch. However, it does take them very long to find out it can be a frustrating experience. It can take them weeks to get the sum of money they require. This is after fulfilling all the stringent requirements such as financial institutions lay down for these businessmen. Even then there’s no guarantee they’ll obtain the amount they ask for from the officials. This is not the case when they hire a reliable vendor specializing in invoice factoring services. The service provider has only one requirement. The bills these proprietors raise on their clients after every successful sale should be in order. Only then are they ready to provide the funds these clients ask for.

  • Owners don’t incur any debt

In invoice financing, the entrepreneurs don’t incur any debts on the funds they ask for. They just need to focus on finding ways to increase their establishments’ sales. On top of this, they need to issue authentic sales bills on all their customers. The terms and conditions of such documents should be unambiguous. Only then will the service providers give them the money they need to run their concerns. This is a far cry from applying for loans from commercial banks. This is a fact which most of these owners can’t afford to overlook.

Arnon Dror says invoice financing can work wonder for entrepreneurs over time. This mode of finance enables them to get the money they need to run their concerns. Moreover, such funds are available to them without any hassle. They just got to issue an authentic invoice on their customers after a very successful sale. The above 2 important reasons for taking this step proves this fact beyond any reasonable doubt.

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