Facial Cleansing- Care For the Face

The face is exposed every day to countless environmental influences. Unlike hair that can simply be tied together, or the rest of the body protected by clothing, the face is exposed to all hardships in wind and weather. To prevent premature signs of aging, the facial skin must be given special care.

Pure skin needs care and time

Not many are blessed with a naturally pure skin. Lifestyles, environmental influences and genetic imprints can contribute to make the complexion impure and the pores look big, and even one or the other impurity can occur. However, this can be prevented with the perfectly adapted care. Depending on the skin type you should choose the appropriate care products; especially the elementary products such as face cream, face cleansers and tonic should be tested for compatibility.

Help the natural beauty

Meanwhile, there are a variety of little helpers who can beautify the look. Make-up is often used to make the complexion look even and healthy. For this you can hide small bumps and pimples with cover pens.

Facial cleansing

After one working day a thorough facial cleansing is indispensable. The dirt film that has accumulated throughout the day due to heating air, exhaust gases and dust on the skin, must be removed, otherwise the pores clog. Even make-up should be thoroughly removed at the end of the day.

There are many types of facial cleansing: a gentle exfoliation or the application of facial toner, face lotion, facial soap, moisturizing fluid, cleansing oil, facial tissues, etc. It is important that you use after the cleansing still a skin cream adapted to your needs.

Thorough facial cleansing is necessary to ensure that the skin of the face is always clean and clean. This should be done daily and with the help of products adapted to the respective skin type.

A daily facial cleansing is essential if you want to show yourself with a well-groomed, beautiful skin. This is undoubtedly a very important part of facial care and should therefore always be as thorough and with the right products, before you can care for the skin of the face with a rich cream.

Facial Cleansing
Facial Cleansing

Select products according to skin type

To cleanse the face, you should always use a product that is tailored to your own skin type, as it specializes in the needs and requirements of the particular skin and only in this way can the best possible result be achieved. Accordingly, one should first assess whether the skin is normal, rather dry or greasy, and whether it is not even a combination skin with dry or normal and greasy areas at the same time.

Typical products for facial cleansing

If one then decides for a product, it is usually

  • a washing lotion or
  • a wash gel as well
  • a tonic

To recommend. The wash lotion or the wash gel is mixed with a little lukewarm water mixed on the skin and massaged it easily, so that all parts of the face are included. Then you should then thoroughly wash the agent back with plenty of lukewarm water and gently dry with a towel.

In the second step of facial cleansing, a tonic should be used optimally. This liquid agent is best soaked in a cotton pad and gently rubbed the skin on the face. This penetrates into the pores of the skin and thus ensures a pore-deep cleansing of the facial skin.

If you want to ensure a radiant, clean skin look, then thorough facial cleansing is especially important. This can be done with various commercially available cleaning products, but it is also possible to perform a facial cleansing with home remedies. Milk and honey, for example, are very suitable for this, but egg yolk, buttermilk and coffee grounds can also be used to gently and cheaply cleanse the skin.

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