Which Furnace Repairs Are Right for You?

If your furnace is only a few years old but needs to be evaluated, it may not be time to purchase a new one just yet. If the furnace is not 10-12 years old yet, it’s probably best to simply talk to an HVAC contractor to learn about the repairs that are best for your home. Furnace repairs can get expensive, especially if you wait too long, so it’s important to know how to recognize issues before they get too costly.

When the weather starts to get cooler, furnace repair companies likely get very busy, since people will want their furnaces to be in great condition for the fall and winter. This means that your furnace should be checked to make sure there are no issues that will keep the appliance from evenly heating your home.

To make sure that you don’t have to pay too much for furnace repairs, have your furnace maintained on a regular basis. The furnace should be looked at once a year and thoroughly inspected by an HVAC contractor. This will allow you to see any breakdowns or issues in the furnace before they get so severe that you have to spend thousands of dollars to get a new furnace. In addition to purchasing a furnace, you’ll also have to hire contractors to install the furnace for you and make sure it’s compatible with your heating system.

Keep your furnace working well by cleaning the filters. When the filters are filled with dirt and debris, your furnace has to work harder to supply your home with heat. Dirty filters also make it harder for heat to evenly circulate through the home. In many cases, if you simply get a new filter, you can delay getting the furnace replaced and can keep your heating unit working well for a few months to a few more years.

Check the furnace for normal wear and tear, which happens after you’ve been using the furnace for a few years. Fixing a small component of the furnace or properly repositioning it can make a huge difference in the way it functions. Ask your HVAC technician to check the pilot or ignition of the water heater as well, since this has to be working well in order for the unit to function well. If the pilot light won’t come on, this could mean there is a clog or draft in the heating unit, which needs to be tended to right away.

If the thermostat isn’t working well or the furnace won’t heat at all, this could also be a sign of a bigger problem that needs to be addressed right away. Not only can this make your home uncomfortable, but these issues could cause problems with your HVAC system and even the plumbing system if there is a leak or collection of moisture in or around the furnace.

Now that you know which potential repairs you may need for your furnace, you can find a contractor who specializes in these repairs and can offer them to you at an affordable price. Check out reviews, especially from people in your neighbourhood , to help narrow down your choices.


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