Hip Replacement Surgery, An Answer To Your Pain Problem

Hip replacement is a surgical procedure in which the hip joint subjected to arthritis is replaced by a prosthetic implant made with metal ceramic or plastic. People usually undergo this treatment when all others have failed to provide adequate mobility, flexibility and above all, complete pain relief.

The hip joint is essentially a ball and socket joint that helps in mobility and also supports the weight of the body when it moves or even stands. Our body is miraculously made and even a slight disorientation is easily known to it.

There are certain benefits of affordable cost hip replacement surgery in India. Some of the following are the ability to return to normal day to day work and activities, painless and carefree sleep, better quality of living, correction of any sort of deformity that was seen earlier, better strength in the  leg that will improve as time passes and equal length of the leg etc.

Why get a hip replacement surgery done from India?

Hip replacement services in India are very sought after. This comes after considering all sorts of medical and travelling costs, the expertise of the doctors and the quality of the atmosphere, medicine, research and equipments. Even after you put all this together, it will still not reach half of what the western countries charge you. With advancements being made in leaps and faiths in the Indian hip replacement sector along with the growing expertise and knowledge of the doctors, hip replacement has slowly morphed into a procedure that people are considering without fear.

This surgery has a very high success rate in India, bordering along 90% and above which is why not only Indians but even Asians and people from the West, both consider hip replacement surgery in India a viable option, not to forget the high degree of amenities used by them.

How do I calculate the  cost?

How long you actually stay at the hospital- The amount of time spent at the hospital will naturally increase the charges of the same. With a total hip replacement surgery, a longer duration at the hospital is guaranteed compared to a minimally invasive hip surgery.

The raw materials- To create artificial hip joints, raw materials like metal, plastic, ceramic is used. Different age groups need different raw materials. For example the younger generation will be better suited to metal on metal. Hence the cost of the raw material is different for different elements.

 Earlier mostly the section of the senior citizens were considered for this surgery, today the physical condition and activity level are the decision makers more than age. What should be taken into account is the pain experienced by an individual. If it is of absolute necessity, the surgery should not be avoided at any cost, for everyone deserves a pain free life. With the cheaper costs and better options in India, people all over the world are coming here for their surgery- not only is it cost efficient it is also very professional and does not compromise with quality over quantity.

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