How to manage health knee joints

In most cases, you may find that older people face a lot of knee joint problems. The time they reach 85 years of age they are more prone to developing osteoarthritis. One of the main reasons behind developing this condition is being over weight or obese.

This condition can severely affect the functioning of your knee joint but can be completely avoided. It is important if you need to stay active you try and strengthen your knee muscles. Precautions should be taken during younger age so this condition will not develop at older age.

Loose additional weight

When walking, your knees are forced to bear the body weight and pressure. This increases the pressure on your knees by at least five times. If proper care at the right time is not taken then you may have to bear unwanted knee replacement cost in India, which can be expensive. If your knee joint are bearing additional body weight and pressure then you are more prone to developing osteoarthritis.


It is important to try and maintain flexibility in your body. Try and exercise that can help make your body more flexible. When exercising, it is important to focus on your entire body. Avoid exercising only for one part of your body. You need to focus on quads, hamstrings and abductors.

Sports activity

Sports can always be considered as one of the best activities for people of all age groups. You can get involved in different types of activities including cycling, rowing, hiking, walking, twisting, jumping or more. It will help in maintaining the right level of flexibility of your body. Always keep in mind that sports if enjoyed perfectly will never harm your body.

Use ice

In case you have suffered a strain or tweak then it is advisable to treat it immediately. To reduce the inflammation and pain you should try and ice it for some time. Regular icing is also helpful for relieving pain from the knee joints.

Do not rotate knees and hips

If you are used to running or exercising then jumping and twisting may be common moves involved. In case you are already suffering from knee joint problems then these are also not advisable. When jumping always ensure you follow the right method such that your knees, hips and ankles are in right alignment. Most athletes who are fast track runners and involved with long jump sports do have to face this condition in later stages of their life as additional pressure is always exerted on their knee joints.

Avoid running fast up or down hills

This is one form of exercise that most people may enjoy but in case you are suffering from knee problems then it is not advisable. You can also check with more details related to knees replacement cost in India and precautions to avoid this conditions. It is important to allow your knees to rest for a while during normal day.

Over using your knees is also one of the ways to increase your chances of damaging it in early age. When working out always ensure that you don’t over use them so the pressure increases.

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