Prioritizing your Tasks Doesn’t Work any More as Reprioritizing is the Way to Go

9-5 routine is a norm worldwide and we are all accustomed to it. But it can be really tough if we don’t know how to handle it aptly. Prioritizing our tasks sometimes becomes a real hurdle as we just don’t know which task to complete first and which one to leave for later. Making a “to-do” list is one way to make sure you can get your tasks efficiently. But some people still find it difficult to complete their tasks on time and increase their productivity level.

We tend to prioritize tasks which we think are most important but most of the other tasks gets neglected in this way. A new way of getting sure you remain productive by completing all the tasks at hand is by reprioritizing. Yes, prioritizing is passé, reprioritizing is the way to go.

The Priority Matrix

Like stated above, we usually get tangled in a web where numerous tasks are at our hand and we don’t know where to begin. Priority matrix was devised by American Author and motivational speaker Mr. Stephen Covey in his best-seller book “The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People.” Take a look at it below and then I will discuss in detail so that you can know everything about it.

Urgent                                                                        Not Urgent

Important                     Q1: Urgent and Important                                     Q2: Not Urgent and Important

Not Important             Q3: Not Important and Urgent                              Q4: Not Urgent and Not Important

While it is pretty much self-explanatory, let me offer you my assistance so that everyone can understand it easily. Q stands for quadrant and you need to assess at the start of the day your pending tasks are falling into which quadrants: 1, 2, 3 or 4? Once you will assess, then reprioritize all the tasks so that to start afresh. Needless to say, you need to start Q1 daily as the first task as it is most important and urgent too while Q4 should be reserved for the day end.

Making Sure you are on Top of your Game

Most of us commit a crucial mistake and that too unintentionally. We put too many things while jotting our tasks without putting definite timelines. The best thing to do is to reprioritize the tasks and make a to-do list for one day only. You must know what are the tasks you need to perform the next day. Use the matrix above to make sure that you are right on the money. Make certain that you are not overburdened and select tasks in your to-do list which are both urgent and important.

Pick a Single Focus for the Day

The next logical step once you have narrowed down your list to a single day is to focus on a particular task. Before that, you need to delegate some of the tasks to your subordinates or colleagues so that you are free to focus on a single one. This is simply another way of reprioritizing tasks that will remind you that you need to focus on a single most important one to get that completed before the day end so that you remain on track.

Master your Time

Completing immediate tasks at hand is what is really needed but as a manager you can sometimes be really pressed for time and can’t look at the work of each of your subordinate. That’s why you need to take assistance from a free task management tool like TaskQue so that you can be in total control of what your team is doing. You can easily delegate tasks to them in your absence too by using such tools and without wasting extra money by using paid tools.

If you want your productivity level to increase manifold, you need to make sure at least one thing; become the master of your time and get a hold of things for the better. First of all, look deeply in your schedule. Is there any free time in it? I mean time which is not blocked by any task or meeting but it is, in essence, free time?

You may be deemed as a free person as your schedule is saying so but only you will know if you are really free. If you can do anything you want in that time only then you are free, otherwise change the schedule so that others will not a get a false feeling about you being totally free. Secondly, if you are really free, you can help others in your department so that your subordinates and colleagues will treat you as a valuable resource.

Final Word

You need to focus on your tasks list because in the end that what’s really matter. Don’t waste most of your time going through your inbox and calendar. Please give your valuable feedback for this blog in the comments section below.

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