Professional Suppliers Of Moving Boxes

Moving the entire household or office to some other location is a cumbersome task and requires a lot of time and effort. The importance of the quality of packing boxes cannot be discounted because it is necessary that the valuable items are packed efficiently in strong boxes to prevent damage during transit or storage. The companies supplying moving boxes for hire or sale offer a plethora of such boxes for packing a variety of items. The following types of moving boxes are available with the suppliers. Some of them have been listed here: 

#1 Small Sized Moving Box 

The small moving boxes are suitable for packing books, kitchen items, artifacts, mobile phone chargers, stationery items, etc. Any small item that can get lost during the moving operations can be packed inside such boxes. Generally when people move from one place to another and also when they relocate, they can store small statues, flower vases, cases and boxes to be carried to the desired destination. High quality moving boxes keep the small and large things safe from scratch and getting broken. 

#2 Glass Moving Box 

Glass moving boxes are ideal for transporting glass items such as glassware, showpieces, etc. These are special moving boxes containing individual compartments separated from each other by dividers. The glass items are placed in the compartments. The glass moving boxes eliminate the need to wrap the glass items in paper for moving. 

#3 Television Moving Box 

Moving televisions especially the expensive plasma or LED televisions is a delicate task because they should not suffer even a minor damage during transport. Therefore, special television moving boxes are provided by the suppliers. The television remains safely ensconced in such a box and is protected against damages. 

#4 Picture And Mirror Box 

Special moving boxes are available for packing valuable pictures and mirrors. This kind of box is designed to protect the picture or mirror against even small external pressure and jerks which prevents it from getting damaged. Sometimes there are folding frames and mirrors and the shape of the boxes can be customized accordingly, to accommodate the mirrors and pictures inside the boxes. 

#5 Dish Box 

Delicate crockery items and china are prone to breakage during moving operations. The dish moving boxes consist of many layers and compartments which protect the plates and dishes from shocks and pressure. 

#6 Wardrobe Box 

Wardrobe boxes are of the same size as conventional wardrobes. Such boxes are made of strong quality paper and also come equipped with metal hangars. The clothes packed inside wardrobe boxes do not get dirty and are also protected against creases and wrinkles irrespective of the time spent in storage or transit. 

#7 Medium Sized Moving Boxes 

Medium sized moving boxes are ideal for packing shoes, bags, purses and other knick knacks. These boxes come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Houses with large number of above mentioned items can use a number of such boxes to divide the items in a uniform manner.

#8 Mattress Boxes 

Special boxes are available for moving mattresses. The mattress boxes come in a range of sizes for different kinds of mattresses such as twin, standard, queen, crib, queen/king and double. 

#9 Crates 

Crates are also provided by the agencies for packing and moving expensive and delicate items such as chandeliers, antiques, artworks, etc. The crates can be custom made according to the requirements of the customers. Crates are also used for keeping cold drink and soda bottles. Shop-owners use the plastic crates or the cardboard crates to store and carry plastic and glass bottles.

The customers can order the moving boxes online. The companies offer same or next day delivery to the customers. Delivery is offered free of cost. The customers can either buy or hire the moving boxes.

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