Top Five Reason why you should choose Tungsten Carbide Rings

Tungsten is getting very popular day by day, and there are many reasons behind this. Tungsten is a kind of chemical element which is known to people as Wolfram as well. Tungsten has the highest melting point of all the metals. It is so long-lasting and rare.

Tungsten rings are not made of pure tungsten. Instead, It is made of tungsten carbide. Tungsten rings are made by mixing carbon atoms and tungsten carbide in an equal number. The ring is exceptionally scratch-proof, and it has a light grey color. There are a lot of reasons to choose tungsten carbide rings for your weddings. Here are a few of them.

Very reasonable price:

You can get a tungsten carbide ring at a very reasonable price. Designer brands also do not charge much for a ring. It is cheaper than a gold or platinum ring. But it looks as good as them as it is scratch-proof. But it is pricier than titanium or stainless steel bands.

Tungsten bands do not bend:

If you are a person who loves to keep things flawless for a more extended period then this is for you. This band does not bend no matter how much force is being used. It retains itself to regular shape again. Another thing is it does not get scratched, so you will be able to keep your band flawless for a longer period. Your marriage anniversary will look like yesterday after seventy years of marriage with this band.


 If you have an allergy, you know the struggle of not being able to wear any accessory. Getting severe rash after using a ring is not abnormal to you. After all the experiments try wearing the Tungsten carbide ring. You will have no allergic reaction. It is a hypoallergenic product. So do not hesitate to have fun with rings.

Re-polishing is not a headache anymore:

Only jewelry available in the market you do not need to re-polish is tungsten bands. It is a big reason to reach out for this band. You will not need to spend more once you buy it. It is a onetime investment. You will not need to re-polish it in hundreds of years.

If you think how much scratch-resistant is tungsten then let me tell you, Tungsten can be scratched by rubbing with hardest minerals found on the earth. Diamonds and corundum can give tungsten a scratch. Which are pretty rare anyway.

Will not cause any injury:

 Our life is not always a cakewalk. We face accidents and problems. There are times you may have to face an accident. With most of the other metals, they break and cause harm to the wearer. But this tungsten ring will not cause any harm to your fingers. The reason behind this is it does not bend no matter what. Because of not bending, the ring will break but will not stab you. If you are worried that how will we remove from fingers in emergencies. Do not worry; there is always the right tool for cutting this to ensure the least discomfort to the wearer. But do not try to do this by yourself. Rush to the hospital or any jewelry store you know has tungsten at their selling list.


So that was it. Get tungsten carbide rings and make your wedding memory magical. The ring will also help you to keep the wedding memory alive for a long time. But keep in mind that the size if tungsten ring cannot be adjusted. Be careful of your size while ordering. Do not buy extremely cheap bands; they are not as good as tungsten carbide.


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