A trip to the Spellbinding Sula Vineyards in Nasik

Nasik, one of the leading commercial, educational and tourist destination in the state of Maharashtra, enjoys a unique proposition unlike any other state. The region surrounding Nasik produces a rich alluvial soil and its ideal weather conditions are perfect for the growth of a specific kind to grapes, the ones which are used for wine production. The Sula Vineyard is one of the prominent names leading the changing industry set up in Nasik. You can easily find a Mumbai to Nasik taxi to explore this fascinating place. Let’s have a look.

Pioneering the Indian wine industry, the Sula Vineyards is a popular and recognizable name.

The winery is about 180 kilometers from the key town of Mumbai and is known for its huge farms of grapes and its verdant green expanse of protected terrain that constitutes its 160 square miles of property using the abundant landscapes. Taking a Mumbai to Nasik taxi will introduce you to a winery that features a sizable expanse of areas, all filled with the grape-vines that create the aromatic and great flavored wines. The winery creates the supply of the grape-vines which can be subsequently used to produce the most delightful beverages of fit for any occasion. The Sula red-wine, Sula white-wine, Sula rose, Sula sparkling wine, and Treat wine are some of the finest offerings the vineyard produces.

Apart from the intricately designed wine manufacturing units, the property is also known for its appealing layout. A part of the vineyard also has an amphitheatre with semi-circular seating arrangements for performers and the viewers. The theater is a great place for individuals coming from all across the globe to present a fine series of artform. Sulafest, which is the yearly gala event is organized each year in the month of February, and is a great place to try food, wine and dance to the rhythmic beats.

The visitors can go through the source as well as the tradition of the unique flavor of the wines made only at that location for the various years. The whole processes are conducted throughout the year and there are some popular sponsors throwing their takeaways to up to 10,000 joyful guests. The winery works as private party venues and marriages to let them have the sense of an entrance that is relaxing to paradise.

The vineyard is also a great spot to learn and try some of the best flavors of Sula that comes from international borders like Barbados, Argentina, Australia, Croatia and other European countries. Volunteers can work in the winery in the morning as well as in the evening to take care of the real rich aroma of the wines which will make the individuals more appealing towards the flavor and thereby to create the most effective grape-vines. If you feel like volunteering and learning something new, chalk out a great itinerary keeping in mind the Mumbai to Nasik distance.

Wine is considered a great relaxant and brings the body blood-pressure down. With such great qualities intact, exploring the Sula Vineyard should surely come on your list.

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