Which are the best sites to convert YouTube videos to MP3?

A question such as this can often be very perplexing to answer, as there are wealth of websites which can easily convert videos into mp3 files. You may be wondering, but what if I need to convert a specific video from a website to mp3 format and use it elsewhere. This is important when uploading from YouTube to Facebook, which is one of the most common causes for downloading converted video files. But for this to work and for you to not get slammed by copyright claims you need a customized YouTube thumbnail.

There are many websites such as Yt2fb, which do a great job in converting the files. The process is also quite simple, in case you are wondering how it is done. All you need to do is copy the link URL from YouTube and paste it in the website’s homepage. Here software does the work behind the scenes to remove the video from the audio and compress the audio file into mp3 format.  This process is easy and takes little to no time, but sometimes these sites get taken down and you may be left without a solution.

Another way to go about it is by using VLC media player. One of the most popular videos playing applications, almost everyone is bound to have it on their mobile phones and computers. There is a hidden feature in the media player, which allows you to download video files from the internet. The steps are as follows:

  1. Copy the desired URL from the website and then paste it into the open network stream, which is on the media menu.
  2. You can start playing the video to check the file integrity.
  3. After this press codec information, by accessing the tools drop-down menu.
  4. In the box that reads location, right-click the block of text and then copy it on your clipboard.
  5. You can paste this link into your browser, the video will start playing. The file location, however, is the one from the Google servers.
  6. Right click on the video and select Save Video As to store the video in your hard drive.
  7. You can use any video to audio converter application or web extension to get your desired mp3 file.

Why should you get mp3 files from YouTube?

The video streaming website is the premier website in the world when it comes to uploading and consumption of content. This means that on a daily basis millions of people upload and watch videos on YouTube. Album covers, original compositions all are available on YouTube and add them to your videos for Facebook and other social media sites can make it extremely fun to watch. It also adds a level of creativity to your videos. All you need to do now is add a customized YouTube to Facebook thumbnail to give it more authenticity. Once all this is completed your video will now be available to be viewed by millions worldwide.

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