Wonder Mom: Top Reasons Why Mothers Need Regular Exercise

Motherhood is a full-time occupation. It demands most of your time, and you might not have the time to do the other things that you regularly did when your child wasn’t around yet.  If you’re health conscious, you might have exercised regularly before, but it’s hard to maintain now that you have a busy schedule.

Women exercise less than men, for women get only eighteen minutes of daily exercise, compared to men who can work out for thirty minutes. Less activity can lead to several health problems like high blood pressure and weight gain, and these can increase if you don’t exercise at all.

Aside from the typical health benefits, there are more things that moms can get from exercise. Read on to know the reasons why moms should set aside time daily for activity.

Exercise helps reduce stress. 

It’s a known fact that motherhood brings a lot of pressure to a woman. There are different things that you have to do, such as cleaning your house, taking care of your husband and kids, and work matters (if you’re a working mother).

Exercise can help you de-stress from your daily life. You can release all the tension from your body and feel good about yourself. After exercising, you’ll feel better because you’re stress-free. You’ll be able to focus on your duties while you’re happy and confident.

Exercise lets you take a break from ‘mom life.’ 

Moms give most of their time to their family, which doesn’t leave much for ‘me time.’ Exercise can help you step away from your life even if it’s just for a few minutes. This activity is good for you mainly if you’re a full-time mom and you spend your days cooped up inside the house with your kids.

You can ask your friend as your exercise buddy. However, letting kids go with you from time to time can also be beneficial for the whole family. You can go running or be jogging while your kids play in a nearby park. You don’t have to spend money hiring a babysitter, and you get to watch your kids at the same time.

Exercise raises your self-confidence. 

A workout will undoubtedly leave your body in better shape, and this can help boost your confidence. Some moms worry about their figure mainly after giving birth. Doing daily exercise can help you gain the body that you’re comfortable with and gain confidence in your body.

Exercise keeps your mind sharp. 

Moms need a keen mind for all possible situations, from remembering doctor’s appointments to knowing how to respond to a broken collarbone. Studies prove that aerobic exercise can help improve your memory and improve your thinking skills. That’s a lot of mental benefits, so take the time to do your exercise routine daily.

Exercise helps you sleep better. 

When you exercise regularly, the quality of your sleep also gets better. Physical activity helps reduce your stress, leading to you sleeping better at night. However, exercise must be regular for it to have a positive impact on your sleep.

Exercise lets you put yourself first. 

Moms are selfless people who put the needs of their family first. Even if she’s hungry, she will take the time to feed her family first. If she’s tired and sleepy, she will still grant a request for a back massage from her husband.

Exercise lets a mother have time for herself. You’ll reap the benefits of your routine, and you also get ‘alone time’ when you exercise. It’s a quick break from your life as a mom, so try to include this in your daily schedule.

Exercise sets you as a role model. 

Exercising helps you give an excellent example for your kids. It shows to them that you value health. You also exhibit commitment and perseverance because sticking to an exercise routine isn’t always easy.


Moms are busy people, and they might not have the time for other things mainly, things for themselves. However, moms need to remember that they must take care of themselves, and one way to do this is through regular exercise.

This activity should be done on a daily basis because it offers a lot of benefits for you and your family, which is good mommy motivation because moms always want the best for their families. By staying healthy, moms can offer more and do more.

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