12 Less Known Things about Labrador

If you want a caring, loving, and loyal being in your life, then own a dog. Yes, you heard it right! The way a dog loves you, it is matchless.  There are diverse dogs out there that can be picked for your home. But if you really want a family dog, then there is no other breed than Labrador. Most of the people love these furry friends, and there are endless options that people love Labradors.

If you don’t know much about Labradors, then following are 12 less known things about Labrador that would leave you wow and enchanted. And yes, if you are thinking about golden retriever vs Labrador, your picture would also get little clearer soon. Have a look below:

  1. Bounty kindness

When you are really having a tough time and things are going topsy-turvy in your life; you can count on your Labrador. His soft, furry paw is going to comfort you like no other thing. You can feel the kindness in his touch and those eyes console you right from the distance. If you own one, you can apparently relate with this thing. You know these are often in a position to be gentler and even calmer around more susceptible people.

  1. They are always willing

It might interest you that Labradors are very willing to please. Whether you have a shiny black Labrador or the golden one; these fellows know how to please you.  They follow you wherever you go, fetching you toys, and even flashing you that appealing expression. They would do anything that might end up in your pleasure.

  1. Foolish beings

Labradors are not at all afraid to appear foolish, mess around and look even silly. Your faithful beloved friend is not going to mind even a bit in case you laugh at him. He might try harder to make you smile even more. If you were thinking that your intelligent Labrador is a foolish being; you are wrong. They just pretend to be one for your attention!

  1. Be a part of everything

These Labrador are absolutely enthusiastic when it comes to an activity.  They always want to be a part of the action.  Whatever is taking place today; these fellows are up for it.  Whether it is a thrilling new adventure together or a walk around in the street scooping poop, they are much enthusiastic and eager to be a part of it.  You can always look for Labrador puppies and make them a part of your loving family.

  1. Labradors are forgetful

It might interest you that young Labradors are mainly forgotten what they are supposed to do.  Training takes a lot of time and these need our help in remembering what they were taught the previous day. But it is a part of their doggy nature and people totally love them for it. Invest some patience and he would improve soon. And yes, as their age increases, their memory gets good.

  1. A lot of fun

Now if you are a fun person then you are surely going to love the company of your beloved Labrador. These dogs are always looking on the bright side. Whether it is sunny or rainy; you can find them enjoying the extreme joviality. They are happy because they are Labrador! And whether you are an old person, a youngster or a child; these Labradors have an art of entertaining you.

  1. Forgiveness will win your heart

These Labradors are really amazing. They always forgive you. Even if you have shouted at them because of your office tension or any other reasons; they would forget it soon and won’t take it to mind. They forgive you no matter what happens. They are always forgiving in a heartbeat.

  1. Their mucky Looks

Okay yes these dogs do get little mucky but you can’t do anything about it. They are simply never better-off than when they are muddy and wet and the owners can’t help but smile at their dirty faces for it.

  1. Rich contribution

Maybe you notice it or not, these Labradors do contribute a lot in lives through their niceness and kindness. They are always a source of strength for the owners and make sure that their remains a proper flow of loyalty. They bring a smile on a face even through tears. Yes, remember that break up days or the days when you scored less; your furry Labrador was right next to you to console you. So, these do contribute in a way or other!

  1. Ah, loyalty!

No matter you look gorgeous or ugly; no matter you have a big bank balance or you are bankrupt and similarly no matter you have a bunch of friends or none; your Labrador is always there for you. He is always catering unconditional love coupled with rich loyalty. You are his everything; yes, his everything!

  1. No pinch of shyness

If you think that your labra are going to be shy, you are mistaken. These are always up for the action and never hide behind your legs. They take actions when they find it right to take and there is not a smidgen of nervousness there. Their confidence dictates them! You can feel their confidence in their eyes and body language.

  1. Don’t forget bravery

You know these Labradors are really courageous ones. Right from their work in the dangers of military zones and with the police, Labradors contribute universally, guarding the people from explosives, disease, drugs and many other sources of risks. They would do anything for their family and friends! You can always find them ready to do things when it comes to you.  Even if you have a kid at home and he is surrounded by an insect; you can find the Labrador getting alert right therein.

So, if you want you can always think about Labrador vs golden retriever but since you have just came across these 12 points; it is not at all difficult to say that your jaws are already dropped.

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