How 2017 Volkswagen Golf SEL Enhances the Hatchback Segment in the Industry

Just like people keep changing their taste for everything, they even keep changing their preference for vehicles with time as well. Of all, currently, it is the hatchbacks that are pulling the market now. To stay at par with the changing trends, Volkswagen has even designed a couple of hatchbacks that could give their brand enthusiasts the real feel of old-fashioned German engineering. The 2017 Volkswagen Golf SEL brings forth their flagship hatchback decorating the line up with tough engineering technicalities.

So here’s what Volkswagen service has to offer to all those who will be opting for the SEL. Those who have had the experience of driving the 2016 SEL complained that the seats didn’t give any room for the skin to breathe, heating up the atmosphere within. While designing the 2017 Golf SEL, the manufacturers kept a close watch over this particular affair, and they doubted either the leather surface used or the lack of perforation in the seats used. It has been completely sorted out in this particular model and now the Golf SEL comes with well-contoured seats that even give the sporty look as well. They indeed do a satisfactory job in holding the passengers in their place and deliver positive spirit to the driving as well.

All the test drives that have been carried out, the Driver Assistance and Light package has been highly praised. It included the Park Assist technology as well which had the sole intention of making driving easy even in places where the parking space is tightened up. Such a feature definitely helps in escalating the class of the vehicle and when coupled up with German engineering quality, the scenario only gets better. The infotainment system within the car can be coupled up with the personal mobile phones and tagging he favorite playlist is just a matter of time. The SEL that Volkswagen comes up with has also got the adaptive cruise control integrated only to make the driving smoother and easier. Precision is what defines SEL and be it the adaptive cruise control or the Lane Assist technology, each and every application has been prevented from being overly aggressive to meet the performance aptly.

Going by the value, often people have claimed that the Volkswagen Golf SEL is overpriced when compared to the features it provides. Even though adaptive cruise control, navigation, Fender premium audio, and heated leatherette seats come standard, there are claims that Passat SEL comes with much better equipment at such a price. But experts in Volkswagen repair Greensboro NC claims that the brand comes with a 3-year roadside assistance as a part of standard warranty which is often missed in the rest of the brands.

Going by the industry standard, the Volkswagen Golf SEL tends to provide one of the best hatch platforms that any other brand could provide. Be it the engine or the performance, the SEL is highly impressive on both grounds. Those who are ready to spend money for Volkswagen, this is the near best model to invest in.


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