4 Ways to Buy the Right Tires for Your Vehicle

May look black, round and all rubbery; there’re many different facts worth considering when buying tires in Dubai. It’s obvious tires are the only thing between the road and your vehicle, they impact massively on overall driving, how a vehicle react to certain functions as well as balancing when moving on wet roads. Here’s how to do it right;

  1. Reassess speed, load rating & size of the tire

Tire size is the first determinant before you purchase a pair or even a single wheel. While it isn’t something that you must’ve memorised, tire size can be determined either at the vehicle registration centre or by taking it to any tire shop.

Entering the registration number in the system would give a range of tires to choose from however, not all are made for your vehicle and they might’ve been modified over time. To avoid any inconsistency, customers should always check the size that’setched on the side wall.

  1. Two-by-two mostly

There’re many different and viable reasons to buy the tires in a pair to ensure vehicle’s balance, wheel stability and even wear over time. The pair is fitted to the axel both in front and at the rear which is much like a seesaw.

Having uneven wear or different size would give an unstable and uncomfortable driving experience while pose a certain danger to you and vehicle itself. This is the reason each side of the axel must’ve the same size of tire with identical ratings, tread patterns and even the brand.

Pay attention not to mix summer, winter and all-weather tires or they’ll wear unevenly over time hampering the vehicle’s performance.

  1. OE Fitment

When you’re buying tires in Dubai directly from a vehicle manufacturer, they’re likely associated to a premium tire brand to ensure optimum performance that your vehicle deserves. This is known as Original Equipment or OE Fitment.

This is more common with high-performance or premium brands where OE tires are finely tuned to match a car’s need. For instance, a 4WD jeep has a particular range of wheels bearing a “J” insignia found on the sidewall right beside the tire size.

Manufacturers are likely to recommend OE tire because of the advance technology in the making and time devoted to tailor it as per vehicle’s specific need. This is however not a necessary but worth noting in case of invalid warranty on purchasing different tire.

  1. Purchasing time makes a difference

When will you buy the next pair of tires? Is it going to be summer or winter? Purchasing time and season results in a significant difference in overall driving condition and vehicle’s stability! During the last few years, there has been a significant increase in demand for winter tires due to the many benefits.

Summer/all-season tires – These are standard set of wheels and designed for all-seasons to withstand heat as a result of friction while give a better road traction (tire grip against the road).

Winter tires – Packed with loads of benefits, winter tiresimprove control and handling of the vehicle even in sub-zero temperatures whether driving on wet, icy or icier terrain.


The above details would definitely come in handy the next time you’re buyingtires in Dubai.

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