5 Books on SAP every Professional should Read

Although there are a large number of books to read as an SAP professional, there are some important books every SAP professional must read. With increasing popularity in the career, knowledge of the product is high demand. Knowledgeable individuals are paid more. Hence, getting a comprehensive outlook on SAP is necessary. The choice can be difficult. However, we have made a comprehensive list for you. Following are five books on SAP that should be part of any ERP professional’s library:

  1. First Steps in SAP: A beginner’s guide to SAP By Martin Munzel, Sydnie McConnel

If you are new to Sap and want to get a feel of the fundamentals and learn the software quickly, then this is one of the best books to gain that essential knowledge about all parts of SAP. The authors of this are experienced for 25 years in SAP and know the software like the back of their hand. The knowledge in this book is showcased in a very comprehensive manner. All the basics are explained with multiple examples.

  1. The Ultimate SAP User Guide: The Essential SAP Training Handbook for Consultants and Project Teams By Rehan Zaidi, Jon Reed

The book is an illustrated guide with updated content of the latest ERP 6.0 screens in all the modules. Edited by SAP professionals, the book is the best for alternative cost training. The book can be used as a step by step training for the novice or a professional who is looking at a project in the new sphere.

  1. SAP ERP Financial Accounting and Controlling: Configuration and Use Management by Andrew Okungbowa

Although the financial software module is difficult to use and learn, this book has made it very easy to understand and utilise the software with a systematic approach. The book includes step by step information regarding the configuration of SAP FICO, Financial Accounting and Controlling users and enables the use of all aspects of the program.

  1. Learning Pricing in SAP (SAP Professional Briefs) By S. Mirza

Learning SAP in many organisations has become compulsory. However, the employees have to hunt for personnel in other departments such as purchase, logistics, production and accounts. With a busy lifestyle, it is often difficult to learn a new skill. For instance, a person working on a product is required to know about some aspects of SAP. This book gives the know-how for setting up appropriate systems in SAP.

  1. SAP Material Master – A Practical Guide By Matthew Johnson

This is a practical guide and one of the best SAP books to help you master SAP material concepts. This book gives the readers a view of the unique environment of SAP and its impact on FICO. The readers can be able to leverage their value stream with MM SAP Materials Management at Stechies. The book offers various topics such as basics of material master, its structure, the creation and access of SAP Material Master and technical information. In addition to that, information about other departments such as marketing, sales, purchase, accounting and quality management is covered.

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