5 Types of Kitchen Sink for Your Home

Kitchen sinks are essential things in your home, it’s completely impossible to wash all the dishes and utensils just anywhere you get a source of water in your home. Thus, if you buy kitchen sink online for your house, you will find so many works are done are properly.

There are so many types of kitchen sinks available in the market and you need to think first before you buy one. You will get options in your local shops and online too, and you have to consider the space, material, and other important stuff before making the purchase. In this scenario, if you are feeling a bit confused about the type of kitchen sink you should install in your home, here, we have listed the best ones for your convenience.

  1. Granite kitchen sink

If you are buying kitchen sink online India, then you will find the option for granite ones. These are normally made by crushed and with resins. A granite sink is scratch free and highly durable, and when you read more about the same you will know that some sellers they guarantee that the most durable kitchen sinks are weaker than granite ones.

  1. Stainless steel sink

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are very proper and so many households have the same in their home. These sinks are heavy but they give prolonged service and a hassle-free one. However, there are few things like stainless steel is not scratch proof. If you use the same for longer days, then you will see the spots of water on it. On the other hand, these are highly heat resistant and stain proof.

  1. Cast iron kitchen sinks

This is one of the oldest materials for kitchen sinks. The sinks have a glossy enamel finish, and you will find the same in old houses. They are heavily prone to rust and the enamel fades away after some time. However, these are very easy to clean and do not get spots from the water.

  1. Copper Sinks

Copper kitchen sinks can be a good addition to your home. They have some unique characteristics and will give an elegant touch too. These have high resistance power against dents and less noisy. You will find a good range of copper sinks to set in your home, and you have to check the size of the same before making the buying decision. The main issue with this type of sinks is they turn into a deep brown color after some time, but this thing can be avoided if you buy a good one from a reputed seller. Otherwise, a copper kitchen sink is very easy to clean and they give long lasting service as well.

  1. Fireclay or ceramic

These are a very well-known type of kitchen sinks, and they give a longtime service too. These are heat resistant and expensive for varied designs. However, ceramic or fireclay sinks are prone to cracks, which is not the case for other types.

Thus, here is the 5 types of kitchen sinks explained. Now you can choose one, which prefers your desire and enjoys a good service provided by the same.

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