7 Веst Νеws Аррs fоr Аndrоіd

Keeping informed on a trip is one of the many things that our smartphones are incredible tools. During the daily hustle and bustle, it’s easy to ignore the world around you, but news is everywhere. Android has a lot of great apps to choose from thanks to the huge selection of Google Play Store. But if you’re trying to get your daily life, we suggest you check this small batch.


For many, Flipboard is the default news application for Android. It has existed for a while and was one of the first English news app download that made reading less boring news thanks to its magazine style with many images.

One of the other Flipboard merits is its customization. It’s your news, your way. So in addition to selecting areas of interest, you can also add your own feeds so you do not miss anything.

The Guardian

The Guardian is one of the most respected brands in journalism, offering international news and a new perspective on American politics through the pond.


As its name indicates, the Shortpedia application is designed so smart so you can quickly read the latest titles around the world. News categories appear as tabs (called in the app, like “channels”) at the top of the screen, offering the option to move them one by one or jump directly to the sports section with a touch. When you play a story, it slides into Smart View and the whole story is loaded almost instantly.

United States today

If you like American-flavoured daily news in short, then the USA Today application should be on your way. It is bright and colourful to look and full of oversized images. It captures the attention visually, and does not release it.

And it’s full of almost everything you could want. News, sports, weather, celebrity gossip, photo galleries, even offline support so you can download your articles before leaving the range of mobile phones. You can also keep up with the news of the day without reaching your phone with Android Wear support.

BBC News

The UK national broadcaster broadcasts news across the world through 24-hour television broadcasts, but also has a very good Android application to offer what’s going on in today’s world.

It will also offer 24-hour video coverage, although it depends on the location. Otherwise, you are looking for extraordinary news, a wide range of topics to follow and an offline mode so you can reach a plane or daily morning trip on the London Underground.

Google News and Weather

If all you want is a simple application to show titles and perhaps daily weather, check Google News and Weather. It brings together sources from the vast Google network that includes 65,000 aggregate publications.

There is a lack of customization elsewhere, but it is a more “no-frills” approach to serving titles. And it also has a dark and witty theme, if you like it.

MSN News

Microsoft’s news release is actually pretty good, though it may have diverted your attention so far. If you have a Microsoft account, you can access and maintain your synchronization customizations on all devices, including your Windows 10 computer.

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