Amazing Facts About Ahmedabad, We Bet You Didn’t Know!

Our country is enriched with a number of great cities with a great history and a glorious future lying ahead of us. And I would like to talk about one such city today, the city that is known as the textiles hub. Yes, you guessed it right today we are talking about Ahmedabad!

You may think of Ahmedabad as a dry city or a place that is popular for its dhokla and khandvi, but the city is so much more than just those things. It has an ancient and interesting history right from before the time of the British Raj. Apart from that, it is also very well known for being one of the biggest textile producing cities, which has led to an enormous growth not just for the city but also for the whole state.

Not just these, you can also find the best hotels in Ahmedabad. And not just regular 5 star hotels, I am talking about royalty! Yes, there are a number of heritage hotels in Ahmedabad. If you would like to have taste of the royal life, then you have to try them out.

So, let’s get into some amazing facts about the city we bet you have not known. If you bet knowing the city, then please continue reading the article to see how well do you actually know the city?

  1. Did you know that the city that is now so popularly known by the name of Ahmedabad was once known by the name of Karnavati. As a matter of fact, even before the name Karnavati was kept, Ahmedabad was known by the name of Ashawal.
  2. Ahmedabad has been an important chapter in the history. It has seen a number of rulers and a number of wars. This is the reason why the place has a number of forts and palaces that have now been converted into heritage hotels.
  3. The famous Sabarmati ashram, which is known for the salt movement led by Gandhi ji, is also located on the banks of the River Sabarmati, which flows right through the city. Hence, Ahmedabad holds special importance in the fight of independence.
  4. Ahmedabad is definitely famous to be a dry city but have you ever heard of the Gujarati thali they serve? If you are a foodie, then I am sure you are definitely going to love it. The Gujarati thali has a number of dishes under it which gives you the best of so many dishes all under one.
  5. Apart from these, the place is very well known for its IIT which is a very reputed institution even in the current times.

So, these were some of the amazing facts that make Ahmedabad the city it is today. You need to take a trip to the city to feel the spirit. There are affordable 3 star hotels in Ahmedabad that will make a perfect stay for you. Give Gujarat a chance to enter your heart and soul, and it shall never leave.


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