How To Apply For Australian Hot Skilled Occupation Visa Program?

The requirement for skilled labour force around the globe is increasing day by day. New developing nation wants to hire people who have knowledge and poses certain skillsets that can prove to be beneficial for the country’s economy. For this very reason foreign nations have started to hire employees even from different countries and have made it convenient for them to apply and get the required visa.

One of the most prominent countries that have already started this process is Australia. Ranked as one of the growing developing nations, Australia is in need of skilled work force that can help the country’s economy to grow and expand at a good rate. The government of Australia has prepared a list of certain occupations and job prospects in which they need experienced candidates.

What is an Occupation List?

The occupation list consist the names of those particular professions or jobs in which there is a great requirement for skilled labour force. Each of these jobs needs the candidates to have certain qualifications that can enhance their chances of getting the job. Some of the major occupations that have made it to the Australian hot skilled occupation list are hospitality management, real estate agent, and production manager for a mining firm, travel agency manager, and many more.

In order to apply for the visa program of Australia there are specific procedures or steps that needs to be complied with. After all the procedures are completed the candidate becomes eligible to get enrolled for the visa program.

Procedures for Visa Program: –

Given below are some of the basic steps or procedure that the applicants needs to follow so as to acquire a place for themselves in the visa program for Australia:-

  • The first step is to select a particular occupation from the ones that are mentioned under the Australian hot skilled occupation list 2017-2018. If the candidate feels like they are qualified for the job category, the application for the same can be filled.
  • Each of these occupations or jobs requires the candidate to poses proper know-how about the work and specific skillset. For this purpose the employers may also take assessment tests so as to ensure about the performance of the candidates. You are required to score maximum marks and the report of the same has to be submitted along with other relevant documents.
  • After the report of the assessment tests are submitted, the concerned authorities will verify them to check their authenticity and if all goes well the applicant will get an invitation or a job offer letter.
  • The applicant will also receive the permission to apply for the specific visa program for Australia.

What are the recent changes introduced?

The government of Australia has introduced some new changes to the rules and procedures for applying under the SOL visa program category. Certain jobs have been cut down from the occupation list and the requirements for the same are now stricter than before.

There is nothing to worry about as all the information that the applicant needs can be found on various online websites very conveniently.

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