A Beginner’s Guide on Choosing the Best Car Tyres

It’s a fact that most people are less familiar with their car tyres. Believing that one wheel is just like another, we often end up buying the least expensive but the wrong set. Although, there isn’t anything wrong if you’re purchasing inexpensive tyres, it’s the driving experience and habit that factors a lot in overall buying behaviour. Let’s review how you can choose the best pair of tyres like a pro!

Understand manufacturer’s requirements

The first step is understanding manufacturer’s requirements as per the vehicle’s built. These are usually found on the tyre poster and car’s user-guide. It’s possible you mightn’t have the instruction manual if vehicle’s is a second hand purchase but finding one isn’t that difficult thanks to the internet or you may visit nearest car dealer.

Look in the driver’s door, gas tank lid, glove, trunk or centre console compartment and you may be able to find it. Mentioned in the guide are details of car tyre including size, tyre pressure, load index, seating capacity and speed ratings.

Ask yourself

Now that you’ve the instruction manual, move to the next step that’s asking yourself a few questions which is the professional’s way;

  • What’s the year, manufacturer and model of the vehicle?
  • Original tyre size and specifications from the manufacturer
  • What’s your mileage requirement that is 40,000, 60,000 or 80,000 mile tyres?
  • Do you drive off the road frequently; want a highway or all-terrain wheel, any brand preference?
  • Existing car tyre and performance level.
  • Do you prefer driving fast and taking sharp turns or at average speed?
  • What’s the budget and seasonal requirement of the wheels?

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Find out if your vehicle is equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS)! This particular factor won’t have any effect on how you purchase the tyre; it does limit the ability to buy a plus size tyre. Almost all light truck and passenger vehicles produced after September 2007 must be TPMS certified for safe driving all the way through!

Research as much as you can

As you call the local car tyre retailers, have a pen and paper ready to take notes on technical as well as pricing details. Also take help from the internet, discuss with salespersons and do share your own requirements as per vehicle’s built. Some important questions to ask here are;

  • Are tyre retailers open to share additional information and do they offer extra features such as free rotations or protection of on-road hazards?
  • Do they offer tyre repairing services as well and are there any restrictions?
  • What’s the pricing strategy?


The tire retailer can help you decide whether two set of wheels are needed or all four. Always consult a reputable tyre service that may come from extensive research as well as word of mouth recommendations.


A literate Falken tire retailer is likely to recommend two-wheel alignment after careful assessment of the wear and tear. Follow the above instructions before you invest in a set of wheels.

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