Celebrating Birthday – Here are few birthday Cake ideas fro your girl child

The moment, you have to select birthday cake for your girl, you have to be very much creative, and have wild imagination. Your selection can be made from unlimited themes, icing and characters. A lot more can be added as sparkles, colors, design and much more. Girls, usually appreciate sparkles and bright color themes. To order the best birthday cake, you can look around for online birthday cake stores, or your traditional bake shop.

Creative cake ideas for girls

  • Sweet hidden surprise

Everyone is aware how girls love surprises. This element can also be added to the birthday cake. Even if it looks very much complicated, still it has the power to bring smiles, and surprises to every ones face, when being cut. Every slice of it can add a lot of ahh and oohh factor, in the party.

  • Cake with ice cream drip

This is a special one that can be enjoyed by everyone, during summer season. You can order cakes online for fast delivery before the birthday time and enjoy it with everyone. Ice creams are liked by everyone, and this melting cake can delight most girls in the party. The cake can be decorated with colorful sprinkles, and ice cream cone, based on melting ice cream base.

  • Rainbow colored cake

There certainly is no girl birthday party that can be completed without a rainbow cake. The best part is that the freeze layers can be prepared well in advance. Not much of skill is needed, to prepare your best rainbow cake. One best part is that the cake can be decorated in different rainbow colors. You can make use of natural and edible color gel for decorating the cake.

  • Butterfly Birthday cake

You have the benefit of looking around for prepared cake mix, in the market. This factor will help you save time. You have to keep in mind that kids look around for more perfection, than adults. You can make use of mould to bake the cake into butterfly shape. This way you can add smiles to your girls face, and present her with her dream cake.

  • Character cakes

This cake is a character themed cake and is always in demand. You can make the selection of specific character that is your girl’s favorite. To create a specific character you may have to be little more artistic and creative. Your selection of characters can be made from different Disney characters, dolls or mini figures. You can also look around for ready made character for your cake.

  • Bashing birthday Pinata cake

This is a very simple and plain cake that can be prepared, using chocolate base. The cake is also very special as the birthday girl is provided with a small hammer, to creak open the cake. This helps reveal all hidden elements of the cake, making this moment very special. You can search online cake delivery services for placing your order of this special cake.

No matter what you select always ensure your daughter loves it. You can get creative when selecting the right cake for your girl.

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