Charles Bishop Pompano Beach Florida has tips for Non-professional Wedding Photography

Whether you have been hired or requested to do a wedding album for a friend for next to nothing, there are things you can do to make sure that you do a good job. Being a wedding photographer is not easy and a good professional usually has years of practice. If you are a non-professional covering a wedding, here are some tips you can use.

Learning the basics is the key, according to Charles Bishop Pompano Beach Florida

Unless you know the basics, Charles Bishop Pompano Beach Florida says you are not going to get a lot of good photos. A wedding is special and if you have been requested by someone to cover theirs, make sure you do a great job. Also, it is important to let the friend know in advance not to expect too much and that you won’t guarantee results, considering that you are a non-professional. If you will take months to give the album, make sure you let the friend know in advance to avoid conflicts. Friendships are too important to be lost because of a wedding album.


All professional wedding photographers do a lot of planning before a wedding regarding the kind of shots they want, scouting out the location, etc. So do some pre-planning and don’t suppose that you will just enter the wedding and go with the flow. That doesn’t happen. A little bit of planning can go a long way in creating an album your friend is going to appreciate.

Talk to the couple

It is important that you ask the couple what exactly they are expecting from their wedding photos. If there is a particular style they want, make sure that you know how to achieve it. Having a clear talk before the day will save you a lot of nerves.

Finesse compositions

Finesse compositions are something that could really help you with the photos. A wedding is an event and if you want more candid shots, let the people be themselves. Too much heavy-hand posing will spoil the candidness that every wedding has and that can take out the charm. Instead, be cool and move yourself to suit your subjects.

Capture the beauty of the day

Every wedding is beautiful in its own way. Capturing the beauty and the essence of the day can be a tall task but if you want to, you can do it. For example, make sure you click a lot of subjects who are smiling, it can be guests and friends of the bride and groom. Have a fun fashion shoot which the couple will have a wonderful time reminiscing about long after the day.

Take a lot of photos

Taking a lot of photos is another good idea. Taking too little will mean that you just don’t have enough material to work on. Instead, take a lot and then separate the grain from the chaff. Make sure that you get a lot of reactions from the couple as well as the guests.

Being a wedding photographer like Charles Bishop Pompano Beach Florida does not have to be a professional thing for you to enjoy. It is a wonderful day and you have been given the job of capturing the essence of it all. So make the most of it.

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