Cheer Up the Environment with 10 Christmas Dishes!

Just light up your house and lift up the spirit of your family members with mesmeric decoration. Amidst the beautiful lightings, jingle bells and Santa; don’t skip the food. Eatables, beverages and desserts; these are the ingredients that are going to make your Christmas time a fête.

Steal some time for yourself and figure out the Top 10 Christmas Recipes that can become the chief guests of your celebration. Of course, you can add so much of pleasure and delight in your festivity with the right dishes. Just check out 10 dishes that can add the desired spark in your Christmas celebrations!

  1. Soft Crunchy Pudding

When talking about classy celebrations, you cannot miss out pudding. There are different types of puddings that can set the stage for you. You can go for chocolate puddings, butter puddings, fruit pudding, bread pudding, biscuit and ice cream pudding. There are plenty of choices out there!

  1. Fruit Cake

Cakes are always there in the celebrations   of Christmas. Since that is the case, why not come up with a delicious fruit cake?  Of course, there are delicious cakes out there that can be the show stealers for your party or dinner.  This cake is a Christmas Joy!

  1. Milk Cookies

You can be as creative as you wish to be with these milk cookies. There are various types of milk cookies out there. Different dry fruits and ingredients are filled in these cookies. You have to embrace them for a milky delight!

  1. Choco Chip Cookies

Chocolate is everywhere and is relished by everybody. You can go for chocolate cookies that are dipped in rich flavour and fragrance. These chocolate cookies with chocolate chips are absolutely rich and welcoming.

  1. Spicy Chicken

Chicken can make any simple dinner or treat a rich festivity. You can go for butter chicken, grilled chicken or even Chetna chicken. There are different types of chickens out there.  Just go for the more spicy ones and at a tang in your celebration. The flavour lingers for longer!

  1. Rich Sandwiches

It might sound strange to you but sandwiches are absolutely rich and fulfilling. You can go for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwiches. A simple yet nicely prepared sandwich can be the centre of attention for everyone!

  1. Stuffed Cheese Curry

You can go for different types of cheese dishes. But make sure that you are having a cheese dish on your menu. Cheese gives a feeling of richness and delight. You can go for kadaipaneer, rich Malai cheese and ShahiPaneer. These delectable cheese dishes will leave your guests with a cheese!

  1. Ice Cream Cookies

Have you ever relished an ice cream cookie? If not then this time try it out. You just have to pick a chocolate or other cookie and press the ice cream between two slices. It gives a tasty experience. Try it out and you won’t regret it!

  1. Jam Cookies

Jam cookies are also popular.  These are easy to prepare and fulfilling in Taste. These even look beautiful and arresting.

  1. Cup Cakes

Just go for your favourite flavour and bake a cup cake. You can add fruits, dry fruits, wafers and similar ingredients in them for making them richer.

So, are you going to try these out for your Christmas table? Just dive in for a rich experience!

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