Some Common Misconceptions about Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are used for various reasons and are a part of our daily existence. We use important mobile apps for booking a flight ticket, ordering pizza, calling a cab, send hilarious pictures to the friends or simply read the daily news. So we see that mobile apps are an integral part of our way of life. There are still some myths or misconceptions about these mobile applications that need to be dispelled in this digital era of cutting-edge practices. Here are some of the misconceptions or myths very commonly associated with the mobile app development.

Misconception # 1:Developing a Mobile Application Could Be Difficult and Expensive

The amount of money, dedication, and the hard work you would devote toward the creation of a mobile application actually depends on various factors such as:

  • The exact number of characteristics or features.
  • Compatibility of the platforms like Windows Phone, Android, iOS or all of them at once.
  • Intricacies of the animations and the interface designs.
  • Kind of employment whether employing the services of an indoor team or outsourcing your entire mobile app development process.

The fact is that mobile app development is not an exorbitant process and it is not essential for you to be a millionaire or a billionaire for developing a mobile application for some purpose of yours. You may get in touch with the most reputed and affordable companies specializing in mobile app development in Mumbai.

Misconception # 2: You Could Effortlessly Identify a Reliable Mobile App Development Company

Going by statistics available on the Internet, there are more than 12 million mobile app developers. This number would be growing every year. So you have numerous professional companies to choose from. However, it could be pretty challenging to identify the right company that would cater to your unique requirements. If you wish to employ the services of professional and expert app developers that are perfectly compatible with your needs then here are a few effective steps that would be assisting you in making the right choice.

  • Your specific requirements must be outlined clearly. You should be having a clear idea about what you are actually looking for. This could be including expertise, years of experience, sound knowledge of certain technologies etc.
  • Consider the places you would be examining like social networks, tech blogs of reputed Information Technology organizations, freelance boards, references from friends and online reviews.
  • Prepare a list of shortlisted candidates. Examine their expertise, portfolio, experience, location etc. related to your job specifications.
  • Interview the shortlisted candidates and carefully take a decision.
  • Misconception # 3: Mobile App Development Seems To Be Of No Use For My Business

While discussing mobile apps, several business owners are just not convinced about the advantages they are missing out for not using the mobile apps or the benefits they could be enjoying by using effective mobile apps for their business. However, you would come across many successful businesses that could attain the heights thanks to effective mobile app development.

For instance, such famous brands as Taco Bell, Zara, or even Domino’s Pizza were able to boost their income by about 20%-60% just after the development and release of a compatible mobile app for their business. This principle is applicable not just to the renowned brands but also the local businesses could make the most of their mobile app.


You simply cannot undermine the important role mobile apps play in the promotion and success of your business. Mobile apps would be effectively solving precise issues of the users. Moreover, your mobile application could be used as a marketing and retargeting tool for analyzing customer data and building robust brand loyalty.


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