Compression Volkswagen Tiguan vs Hyundai Tucson

The popularity of SUVs is not hidden from anyone; they bring a wide range of options with different specs and features on your way. And so, with many options available, it becomes difficult for one to sort through the good, bad or mediocre.

No doubt, the Volkswagen Tiguan, launched recently, can be termed as an excellent option if you are looking to get your hands on a premium SUV. But how does it fare against the segment’s favorite Hyundai Tucson is a big question if you are a potential buyer.

Let’s compare two of these unique crossovers – Volkswagen Tiguan and Hyundai Tucson by their specs and features. One of SUV’s installments, theTucson is proved to be the strongest competitor for segment dominators Toyota and Honda, delivering comprehensive style, comfort, and technology that buyers not only wanted but could definitely afford. The Tiguan occupies the strongest place in the crossover SUV segment with high performance and quality.

The two can be viewed as direct rivals, as they both have their own strongest niche. The latest Hyundai Tucson is available in both Petrol and Diesel variants. The Tucson comprises of nice flamboyant looks at its interior. On the other hand, the Tiguan’s design includes clean surfaces and elegance. Moreover, the Tiguan has gone on sale with just one Diesel engine.

Volkswagen Tiguan, Hyundai Tucson Price Comparison

Tiguan is much more expensive than Tucson. However, the Tiguan does include things like all-wheel drive which are not available in Tucson. Volkswagen India always prices its cars considerably higher than the immediate competitors, same happened incase of the Tiguan. Though the higher price tag is justified through bits like a DSG gearbox, powerful engines, and the proverbial German build quality.

Volkswagen Tiguan Price Rs 27.98 Lakh to Rs 31.38 Lakh


Hyundai Tucson Price Rs 19 Lakh to Rs 25.01 Lakh



Both Tucson and Tiguan constitutes 2.0-litre engines which provide a healthy power output. Being available as a diesel variant only, the Tiguan misses out on a Petrol engine option, which means the Tucson gains some advantage here. Additionally, it has a more powerful diesel engine than Volkswagen engines. On the other hand, Tiguan benefits from the excellent 7-speed DSG gearbox. Moreover, it comes with All Wheel Drive (AWD) whereas the Tucson doesn’t offer AWD at the moment.

The VW Tiguan offers the maximum power of 141 BHP and Peak torque of 340 Nm whereas Tucson offers 153 BHP maximum power and 192 Nm of peak torque. Both of SUVs differ in transmission and drivetrain too, the Tiguan offers 7-speed DSG Automatic and the Tucson offers 6-speed manual/6-speed automatic transmission with former comprising AWD and the latter comprising only FWD.

The Tucson being compatible with both petrol and diesel variants it gives a mileage of 13.3 KMPL (Manual), 12.95 KMPL (Automatic) in petrol variant and 16.38 KMPL in its diesel variant. The Tiguan misses the petrol mileage advantage after being available with diesel engine only which offers mileage of 17.06 KMPL. Somehow both the models seems to be equal in this aspect.


The Tiguan, which gets a timeless design, is most liked by pickers. It has clean lines and neat surfaces with a plenty of understated elegance. On the other hand, the Tucson has its own design superiority, it has flamboyance in abundance and the Tucson looks just a tad bit modern attracting more shoppers. Both these models are almost same in size; but their respective designs are poles apart.

Both the models are restricted to 5-seats and offer similar levels of spacious features. The dashboard looks fairly state of the art, there’s no hint of the flamboyance that the car has on display from the outside view which makes it extraordinary comprehensive and style centered. This clearly indicates that the interior of the Tucson doesn’t complement its exterior while the Tiguan’s cabin, on the other hand, is somewhat a clear reflection of its exterior with clean lines and neat surfaces interiors.


Well, it sounds difficult to pick a clear winner from the two as both the models are evenly matched in many aspects but in areas like design and transmission technology these two models are considered to be the opposites. Moreover, cost factor plays a paramount role as the Tiguan keeps the power that could threaten the sales performance of the top-end variants of the Tucson.

  • Cost: The Tucson is, much cheaper than the Tiguan. However, to get more, you have to put more.So for the extra bucks, the Tiguan offers more.
  • Specifications: The Tiguan SUV for India offers just one Diesel engine whereas the Tucson is available with both Petrol and Diesel engine. Though the Tiguan misses out on a manual transmission, its 7-speed DSG Auto box is far better than the torque-converter unit of the Tucson. Another miss from the Hyundai is its drive train, which is FWD only whereas the VW offers AWD.
  • Mileage:No clear declaration of the exact winner here in the case of mileage, both models are expected to be of equal here.
  • Dimensions: Again, both the models are equally matched as they both are having almost same size and seating capacity with 5-seaters each.
  • Design: Compared to the flamboyant design of the Tucson, the Tiguan comes with a clean, fuss-free design that is typical of a Volkswagen. Between these two, Tiguan’s interior can be declared as the clear winner because of its elegant and decent interiors.

When it comes to the warranty and after sales value, delivering five-year/unlimited km warranty, ten-year/unlimited-km servicing program, and service and maintenance intervals of 12 months/15,000km, the Hyundai has unmatchable compatibility.On the other hand, the Volkswagen offers only a three-year/unlimited km warranty and six-year/90,000km capped-price servicing strategy. Hyundai’s roadside assistance program lasts ten years whereas it lasts for three years only for the VW.

All in all, both the models have their own importance and value, if you want to go for clear interiors and can put on more bucks, pick Volkswagen Tiguan and for the flamboyant design with both petrol and diesel engines at a much lesser rate, you can choose The Tucson.

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