Cool Black Men Hairstyles to Transform Your Looks

The main trend for black men hairstyles is the use of texture. Whether you have curls, long or short hair, including the texture of your hair will help you get your desired black men haircut. You can also improve your style by adding a high, medium, or low face to your hair.

However, there are hairstyles for men that work better for black hair such as stepped haircuts. High top fade and modern afros. Lastly, if you need a unique look, consider adding some colours for a truly vibrant look. Learn here more about these fresh black men hairstyles trends in 2019.

  • Stepped High Top Fade.

Everything concerning this high-top fade has an interesting aspect. The hair at the top is styled flat and incorporates shapes and steps that are then dyed in multiple shades. The hair is then faded at the sides and include some cute geometric patterns that are best if you wear this style with the beard.

  • Hair and Beard Design.

This is one of the coolest black men hairstyles in 2019. The trend involves styling the hairstyle together with the beard. It is especially great if you have curly hair since you can style jagged lines to create contrast with the rounded beard shape.

  • Short Dreadlocks and Temple Fade.

This beautiful style proves that gentleness is all about attitude. The temple fade at the top creates a mohawk using the short locks. This hairstyle is going to look great if you rock it with a suit, stylish shirt, and a designer scarf.

  • Curly Mohawk.

It seems mohawk is among the most preferred black men hairstyles. Here is yet another temple fade mohawk but styled using curly hair rather than the locs. The shave clean line pushes the tape up and offers a uniform contrast to the rounded style.

  • Medium Length Curls and Low Fade.

This cool style brings together shaved geometry and some medium length spiral curls. The line up is also cut to make the edges clear. You can complement this style with a full beard.

  • Mohawk And Drop Fade.

This hairstyle for black men presents an entirely different combination of shaved line and a curly mohawk. The mohawk is maintained at the crown and come to a peak in the front. A shaved clean line adds some section on the side, and the drop fade is created to the skin at the back and around the sides.

  • Medium Locs And Mid Fade.

Many mid-length black men hairstyles are effortless to manage with a fade, and this is a good example. With the clean line cut at the forehead, and the medium fade at the back and the sides, you can wear your locs loose or tie them at the back.

  • Long Locs And Hair Design.

Getting the hair near your ears shaved makes long locks effortless to manage and appears very fantastic when worn up, especially if you want to show off the cool hair design. The long locs are pulled up and then held in position with one loc.

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