David Baer Minnesota lends his support to the jubilant Minnesota Vikings team

The Minnesota Vikings are a highly popular American football team, based in the county state of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The seeds of football in Minnesota was sown in the 1920’s, with the Minneapolis Marines or the Red jackets. They were the first professional football team based in Minnesota to become the part of the well-known National Football League or NFL.

The Minnesota Vikings marked their presence in the year of 1960, and have had an incredible journey since then. The Minnesota Vikings are one of the few teams to have played in four Super Bowl games, which are a huge rage among football fans.

David Baer Minnesota encourages all to support the David Baer Minnesota

The football journey of the Vikings has been full of ups and downs. Even though they have been a part of four incredible Super Bowl games, they have not managed to secure a win any of them.  However, they have a grand National Football League title to their name, a feat which not many football teams manage to accomplish. David Baer Minnesota underlines this fact, and puts emphasis on the immense potential of the Minnesota Vikings team.

The Vikings were accountable for an historic milestone that took place in the late rounds of the 2016 NFL draft. In their sixth-round selection, one of Vikings star players become the very first European player to have been ever drafted by an NFL team, without playing at any level in North America previously.

While welcoming the new Minnesota Vikings fans to its enthusiastic fandom, David Baer Minnesota talks about the magnificent Viking’s new headquarters, as well as their home stadium.  The new Minnesota Vikings stadium is been built in Eagan, Minnesota and is expected to be completed by spring 2018. This headquarter is extremely spacious and contains state-of-the-art training facilities.

U.S. Bank Stadium, which is the home stadium of the Vikings, was opened in 2016. This stadium is scheduled to hold the coming season of the Super Bowl in the month of February. Minnesota Vikings would become the first team to play their Super Bowl games in their home stadium itself. Moreover, Minnesota Vikings have never lost a game at their home stadium. Therefore, David Baer hopes that 2018 would be a good year for the team and that they would be able to secure their first grand Super Bowl win.

Minnesota Vikings are one of the favorites for this Super Bowl season, due to their incredible team and capable leadership. David Baer shares his excitement about the upcoming games and talks about the reasons to support the Minnesota Vikings with young football enthusiasts. He explains that each player of the current Vikings team have unique capabilities and skills, which makes them a strong candidate for the coming Super Bowl games.

Studying in the University of Minnesota, David Baer has been following the games of the Minnesota Vikings for a long time now. He has placed his trust on their competency and expects them to emerge victorious in their upcoming games.

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