Drive freely with dust mask for bike riding

Air pollution is a major problem in our country and we do not have any choice to inhale fresh air because of the polluted air. But the losses can be reduced by wearing nasal air filters which filters the polluted air and particulate matter and let you inhale fresh air.

Air is an essential part of our life. But now a day’s we have a serious problem with breadth fresh air. Without air, we cannot survive more than few minutes. The air we inhale go through our nostrils into lungs via bronchies into lungs. From here it is dissolved into the blood and transported into all the parts of the body to help entire cells in the body to carry out their functions normally. This is how the respiratory system works in short.

But the problem is that we do not have fresh air to breadth. Air is polluted to a large extent and is not good for human health. It is contaminated with different air pollutants like carbon di oxide, carbon mono oxide, sulphur di oxide, nitric oxide etc. They are poisonous and cause different health issues if goes into our body. Apart from these toxic gaseous exhausted from the industries and automobiles we also have different particulate matters like fine dust and pollen grains which have been found responsible for different allergies to human beings.

The main thing is to find a solution for it. Thanks to nose mask for pollution which has allowed us to get fresh air to keep our bodies free from different types of deadly diseases. It is a tool which filters the polluted and makes it good for taking in. It restricts the several pollutants and allows only fresh air to enter our body keeping us sound and healthy. It is well designed to let allow only fresh air through it preventing pollutants to keep away from our body. With this, we can reduce the effect of the pollution on our body. It is advisable to wear it before going out of the home. It will keep you safe and healthy for a long time.

We cannot stop the industries or automobiles just to prevent our environment from air pollutants. These are our basic requirements and many of our daily needs are based on these. But we can wear filters into our nose to reduce the effect of air pollution on our body and keep us healthy. This product is much better than face mask used by many people to take fresh air. The problem with the face mask is that you cannot wear them while bike riding. But the good thing about nasal filters is that they can be used while driving the bike keeping the riders free from the dust and particulate matters present in the air. The air also passes from different sides of the face mask reducing its capacity to a large extent. But this is not the case with filters you have worn in your nose. Polluted air has no way to pass through your body. Because most of the time we breadth through the nose and we rarely use mouth for this purpose.

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