Everything You Need to Know about Screen Protector

Smartphone has been the most important part of the daily routine from browsing to chatting to collecting information. Most people prefer buying an expensive smartphone than the basic model. The smartphones are delicate and fragile items which are prone to crack and damage so their protection is imperative. Whether you are using Samsung phone, Nokia or even iPhone, the screen protector is essential.

When it comes to choosing the screen protector, you need to consider some important factors like strength, durability, reliable brand, etc. There are plenty of different types of screen protectors out there. Screen protector generally comes in a variety of themes at an affordable price ranging from $2 to $60. If you are still on the fence about using a screen protector, here is how you can use and why do you need a screen protector.

  • Why Screen Protector?

Well, this may be the most common questions you have heard from iPhone users. Most of the advanced smartphones are equipped with safety measures such as Dragontrail, gorilla glass and other safety scratch resistant glasses.  You might have used the gorilla glass for a basic phone.

The best part of the gorilla glass is it can easily avoid the cracks and scratches on the phone. Whenever you put down your phone, it helps keep the phone from cracking and melting. This is why most people prefer strong gorilla glass over basic scratch resistant glasses.

Hence, it is not recommended to use gorilla glass during swimming and riding. Dust and beach sand can easily affect the screen, which makes it difficult to keep buying gorilla glass for your iPhone. Some poor screen protectors are prone to cracks and scratches. Hence, be sure to choose the additional layer of security to protect your phone with utmost care.

Screen Protector

  • How to Apply Screen Protectors?

Applying a new screen protector for your iPhone requires little bit knowledge. It can be time-consuming also. There are a lot of professional scratch card services available in the marketplace; you can choose the best and reliable one to ensure that the device is effectively replaced with a new screen protector.

Most people use two types of screen protector- one sits on the top of the device and another one perfectly covers both the end of your phone. For instance, if your iPhone falls into the corner, the device will get damaged. Even if you use the edge to edge screen protector, you will not be able to save your iPhone. If you have applied tempered glass protector, it will start cracking only after the actual screen.

In order to prevent your iPhone from such accidental crashes, it is better to use best screen protectors for iPhone 6. As iPhone is equipped with gorilla glasses already, some people don’t want to have additional security. Due to the fact the gorilla glasses are not foolproof, it is imperative to use a strong and durable screen protector that helps prevent the phone from getting damaged.

  • Plastic vs. Tempered Glass

In general, there are two types of screen protectors are available – tempered glass and plastic glass. The plastic screen card has been in the marketplace for many years. Most of the new smartphone users prefer buying plastic glass over tempered one.

Due to the fact the plastic glass is inexpensive, you can see it anywhere. Interestingly, you can get plastic glass for 5 dollars, which is quite cheap nowadays. But it doesn’t an automatic sign that plastic glasses are of high quality. Unfortunately, it is not sturdy, which means that plastic glass doesn’t help you if your phone falls.

However, it can be used as a regular scratch card. Interestingly, plastic glass comes in two types such as dry apply and wet apply.  What makes tempered glass so different from plastic glass? Well, it is just because of the strength, stability, and reliability of the tempered glass.

It is available at an affordable rate. There is no need to invest a huge amount to get a tempered glass. You can find reliable tempered glass for just 5 dollars. The best part of the tempered glass is that it can provide good resistance against cracks, dust, and scratches. So, choose the tempered glass iphone 5s screen protector to prevent the phone from getting damaged.

  • Attributes of Screen Protector

Before choosing the screen protector, make sure that the iPhone 5s screen protector is reliable and good quality. Some of the important attributes of screen protectors are military-level protection, nano coating, 9H hardness etc.  Screen card equipped with military-level protection can help prevent the phone from crashes. Most iPhone comes with durable privacy layer to add extra security.  The most important attribute is 9H hardness, which means that your smartphone cannot be scratched by sharp 9H pencil.

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