How To Keep Weekend Trips Fun

One of the best aspects of RV travel is that you can plan your trips to meet your schedule. After all, not everyone has the time or the budget to embark on a long journey over weeks and months. Most people have to work and cannot afford the time off, not to mention a plethora of responsibilities at home that need tending to. This is why weekend RV rental journeys have become so popular. Even as budgets shrink and responsibilities mount, you can always sneak away on a weekend and enjoy some time on the open road. Check out these tips for how to keep your weekend road trips fun and exciting.

Pick A Good Destination 

Unless you choose a destination that is fun and exciting, chances are your short weekend road trip may end up a bust. This is why it is important to look up some fun and adventurous territories in your general area that you can explore over a weekend trip. No matter where you live, chances are there are some great outdoors destinations and RV parks close by that are within your range for a weekend getaway. Check out the traveler forums online and see which areas are the most popular within a driving distance. As long as you’ve picked a good location with lots of activities and sights, you can rest assured that your weekend journey will be a good one.

Bring Along The Right Companions

One of the first rules of campervan travel is that the trip is only as good as the company on board. As long as you surround yourself with great friends and family who travel well together, chances are your will have a fun journey no matter the length of the trip. Especially with weekend getaways, the individuals you bring along will be of massive importance to the fun factor of your trip. Choose individuals who are good friends with good chemistry, and preferably individuals you have traveled with previously. Once you get out on the road you will soon see why this is so important. There is nothing like good conversation and dual enjoyment of activities and sights to really make a journey a fun and exciting time You can rest assured you are in for a good weekend as long as your guest list includes individuals who you can have a good time with.

Pick A Theme

When taking a shorter RV rental journey, you may want to stay with one main theme for the trip since you will have less time to get in a bunch of different activities. For example, if you’re into mountain biking and heading toward a weekend destination where there are great biking trails, then your main theme on the trip will indeed be this aspect. While on a longer trip you can spread it out over a variety of different activities, but for smaller trips you will want to focus harder on a single theme so that you can get the most fun and enjoyment out of the trip. Plus, if you feel less hurried to get in a bunch of different activities, you will be able to relax and enjoy the trip much better. So pick a theme and stick to it on your next weekend getaway.

Pack Light 

One of the main advantages to taking a shorter trip is that you will need to pack much less gear and equipment. When embarking on a long journey you have to take a lot more time to plan and pack and work out the logistics of your gear. Long term traveling comes with a number of these types of worries whereas shorter trips leave you a position to be a little more carefree and flexible. You can wait longer to pack plus it will take a much shorter amount of time to do so. This will also mean that you have more space on your trip and will be less weighed down with gear. This makes weekend travels much more carefree that longer journeys. When you have less baggage you have more room to be spontaneous, not to mention far less worry and hassle. Take advantage of this aspect on your weekend journeys.

There is just nothing like getting in an RV rental and setting off on the open road for good times and adventure with friends or family. Even in these times of packed schedules and shrinking time off from work, you can still manage to sneak away for weekend road trips that are fun and rewarding. As long as you choose a great destination and traveling companions, plus pack appropriately and choose a good trip theme, chances are your weekend getaway will be a fun and thrilling time that will return you back to your work week feeling refreshed and relaxed.

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