What to Know Before Going for VLSI Course?

There were days when huge computers are made of vacuum tubes which are placed in entire dedicated rooms along with about 360 multiplications of about ten-digit numbers in about a second. However, it was past, and now the new versions are quite smaller and faster than their ancestors. At that time, these computers are said to be the fastest computing machines of that time. But now, in this present world, the technology has come a great way ahead. We have smaller, cheaper and faster computers in their place.

Evolution of VLSI

There is a time when the cost of the research has started to decline along with the private firms which have started by entering the competition in contrast. Due to this, the transistor count on a single chip is very high as it had exceeded a1000. Due to this by mid 80’s Very Large Scale Integration or VLSI have been coming to the market.

Design of VLSI

VLSI is consist of Front End Design along with Back End Design. The front end design includes the digital design which is by using the HDL, designing of the verification through the simulation as well as with other verification techniques. The design of this is from the gates with the design for the testability as a backend design comprises of CMOS library design along with the characteristics.

Training program for VLSI

VLSI or Very Large Scale Integration is said to be the integrated circuit which is created by integrating about millions of transistors which is into a single chip. This design has become the field of electronics along with the finding of the application in a diverse range of the electrical equipment which includes cell phones, peripherals, defense aerospace along with other devices.

The aspirants who want to go for studies in VLSI can join best VLSI training institute in Bangalore. The training courses that they provide on VLSI technologies are just right behind the classroom teaching with hand on experience along with the workplace dynamics. The candidates who all go for the training in this get the classroom teaching, practical classes as well as industry-driven projects.


  • They provide a good overview of the fundamental principles of the ASIC, VLSI or FPGA design.

  • They give an understanding of the characteristics of CMOS circuit construction.

  • They also impart experience designing with all kinds of integrated circuits by using CAD tools.

  • They can analyze the basic building blocks of all large scale digital integrated circuits.

  • They help in designing of the functional units like multipliers, adders, ROMS or SRAMs.

The VLSI Design course includes ASIC, FPGA design flows and also trains the engineers on the VLSI design methodologies, Verilog, VHDL, CMOS, and System Verilog. The program is prepared in such a way that the candidates can understand the concepts along with they can get the good overview of the design requirements. If you want to study VLSI, then you can for best VLSI training institute available in India.

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