Python Training will Take You Places

When we talk about data science and the very many technologies that are used as its platform and apparatus we definitely encounter some debates. Since it has been nearly a decade since the coinage and popularization of the idea of data science and data analytics, through the obvious turn of events, new technologies and techniques have been introduced and harnessed in order to make good of the data that is considered so precious. Not all of those technologies are equally user-friendly or famous. But some have seen real popularity in real quick time.

Yes, we will talk about Python because it is the talk of the time. When a programming language rises from zero to being the second most searched language within a span of a decade you know they are doing something right.

The popularity of Python

According to the latest report of PYPL Popularity of Programming Languages survey Python is only second to Java in popularity both worldwide and in India. The popularity of a language is determined by the number of searches for a language’s tutorials in a certain span of times. Python’s share in the number of searches was 1% in 2005, now it is more than 17% worldwide. In India the share is little less than 16%.

The growth of Python’s worldwide popularity has a steep upward graph. The new generation of programmers is undoubtedly embracing the cool open source language.

The reason behind this popularity?

Simple deduction can help you understand the reasons behind its popularity.

  1. It is open source. Cheap or free and constantly improving.
  2. The team of moderators are extremely skilled and the developments are mostly progressive.
  3. It is easy to grasp and needs lesser amount of code to perform the same task than Java or C++.
  4. You can right statistical and general programs with Python and that too with ease.

These are the most important reasons of the many reasons that has helped Python to win the market.

Python for Data science

Python can be used quite comfortably for general purpose programming but it is a brilliant tool for data science operations. Python regular libraries are very useful for data cleansing and data visualization. The library called Scikit-learn is the best library for machine learning. You can also apply deep learning using Python. It is basically an all-round performer, provided that you have learnt it well.

The other languages

The most remarkable peers of Python in data science are SAS and R. While the popularity graph of SAS has faced a terrible fall R is still in the game but severely outsmarted by Python. The share of R in the tutorial search is 3%.

But if your skill set contains both Python and R skills, you will automatically command a better salary.

Python skills are highly sought after in India. Startups are totally inclined towards using Python. Both fresh and experienced members of the analytics workforce are tilted towards Python.

Python training in Bangalore is readily available and very popular. It is arguably the most happening language right now. Once you have learnt and practised the language, it can take you places.

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