Save The Environment Today: 5 Reason To Opt For Paper Bags In 2019

Plastic carrier bags can easily be considered a death threat for our planet and naturally, if the planet dies off, you will too! Unless you are a billionaire and plan to settle on Mars or something!

Plastic carrier bags do not break down and can stand the test of time. Microbes in the soil that decomposes biodegradable materials cannot break down the strong molecular links in plastic. The result is a nightmare of course – choking water bodies, soil with lost nutrient content leading to failed crops and dead animal life.

The solution to this problem is simple – switch to paper carrier bags! The reasons why people from all over the globe are switching to durable large paper carrier bags are many. The switch is directly affecting the environment in a positive way by reducing the amount of plastic waste.

Anyway, let us get straight to the topic and explore 5 reasons why you should opt for paper bags in 2019 now, shall we!?

Paper bags are hygienic

Plastic carrier bags are not at all safe when it comes to carrying your groceries or that burger from your favourite café.

If you want a healthier way to bring your veggies home from the farmer’s market, be sure to use paper carrier bags for best results.

Paper bags are durable

Compared to their plastic counterparts, paper carrier bags are far more durable given you take a bit of care while using them. So, you see, you can bear being a little careful while using paper bags if you really care about the environment.

It has minimal impact on the ecosystem

Excess use of anything leads to de-stabilisation. That is what we have done with our ecosystem by using plastic carrier bags excessively. On top of that, since plastic carrier bags are non-biodegradable and light, they can be swept away by air thus affecting the ecosystem in the most unappealing ways imaginable.

Paper carrier bags, on the other hand, can easily break down which is why they have a minimal negative impact on the ecosystem.

They are cheaper to produce

Plastic carrier bags are costly to produce whereas paper carrier bags can be produced directly from old newspaper, magazines, cartons and old boxes. When a resource is abundant, the cost of production comes down.

They can be recycled more efficiently

Unlike plastic carry bags, paper carry bags can be recycled in a more efficient manner. We are not saying that plastic bags cannot be recycled but after each cycle of reproduction, plastic carrier bags lose some degree of strength and quality. Paper bags, on the other hand, retains its qualities, irrespective of the number of times the same has been recycled!

In a nutshell, Our generation is already suffering the consequences of a deteriorating environment. If we don’t change the way we lead our lives, the future generation will die a premature death. So, please, take the initiative today and switch to using paper carrier bags.

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