Six of the best dishes throughout the entire world

Food is something that is absolutely necessary for our survival. Without it we cannot survive for long. More often than not we wish our food to be mouth wateringly delicious. It is advisable to not eat food outside every day. It’s just not healthy. It is a great idea to make some food yourself when you are hungry. Or if it is possible you can also make something and store it so that you can eat those in future.

The type of food we eat today have been developed over centuries by our ancestors and since in the past globalisation was not such a dominant force therefore the type of food people eat differ a lot from region to region. This difference has come across because of difference in availability of certain types of food mostly. In places where fish is available in abundance people tend to consume many preparations of fish. In places where plenty of vegetables grow people tend to prefer to eat various dishes prepared using vegetables as the main ingredient. Following are a few of the dishes that are absolutely delicious and are known throughout the world:

  • Chicken curry: This is probably one of the most delicious preparations of chicken. This is prepared in almost everywhere throughout the world in various ways. If you wish to know the recipe of chicken curry then you can just go online and search chicken gravy recipe or chicken curry recipe and you would find out lots of different ways to make yourself a chicken curry. It is a good idea to opt for the simple recipes in the beginning.
  • Masala Dhosa: This is a dish from southern regions of India, and this is one of the most simple yet mouth wateringly delicious food you would ever eat. This is served with two types of chutneys or sauces and is absolutely delicious. In recent times, due to globalisation, dhosa has become a common food throughout the world.
  • Seafood Paella: This is a dish that has originated in Spain and is a must try if you ever find yourself visiting Spain for some reason or other.
  • Som tam: This is a dish that originated in Thailand and is very popular throughout the entire Thailand. This is one of the most sought after food for all the tourists who visit Thailand.
  • Stinky tofu: This is one of the strangest dishes that you would ever eat. This has a very strong odour of fermenting tofu but the taste that it has is almost in some sense divine and is highly sought after.
  • Chicken parm: This is a dish that is very popular among Australians. But this dish actually originated in Italy. This is also a highly sought after food in the global market.

These are six of the best dishes that are available throughout the world. These are all tasty and absolutely mouth wateringly delicious in their own right. It is a good idea to eat any of the dishes on the list whenever you get the chance.

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