Stylings with Slogan tees

This summer lets style with slogan Tees. We girls love cute slogan tees. The graphic tees speak your heart and exactly how you feel. I love them because they’re fun, flirty, and oh-so-chic types. The best part is you don’t have to do major research to find them; you can easily find these latest ladies tops everywhere. Here in this article, we’ll be sharing latest ladies fashion tips for slogan tees.

It can be hard styling a slogan tee with a formal outfit, however, I have examples on how you can style your slogan tee for class and for a girl’s night out:

  • We often find that wearing a slogan tee in night parties will look too casual but it’s cool to pair the slogan t-shirt with some coloured jeans. Coloured jeans are making a comeback. You can go for any colour you want like Royal blue or a deep burgundy. Add a look to your style with slip-on sneakers that can synchronize with the jeans & a choker neck piece.
  • Another look that will go with your slogan tees for your girl’s night out is, Wear long boots or classy high heels with your tee & black skin fit jeans. The boots add extra sparkle to the looks for the night. Now all you need to do is accessorize yourself with classy necklace & hand accessories to add more glamour to your look.
  • Wear cool slogan tees like who care’s, Let’s Party etc will add a charm to your persona. Skinnies and flats will forever be one of our favourite looks and this combo when styled with a slogan tee look naturally cool.
  • To get a glamour look you can fold up your tee, this is the super easy way to style the slogan tee. Extreme cropped tees are in season but this quick fold up trick will save you from having to hack away at all your favourite tees or fold it up and pair with a cute bracelet and long boots.
  • You can try Oversized tee’s this season to get the knotted look on your night out. Take your slogan tee and tie it up to your navel button. This can be done super easily with a hair bobble pin or can learn from girl guides knot your tee the old school way. This knotted look instantly crops your tee and makes it look super ferocious. You can Style with a skirt or shorts and heels for your a girl’s night out.
  • And don’t forget to tuck your tee in your skirt for your girl’s night. Whether it’s for a casual or a dressed-up occasion the slogan tee and skirt combo can make for an insane look. Wear a classy choker neck piece with your slogan tee followed by a matching hand accessorise.

That’s how you can plan your styling.

Styling mantra: “Dress how you want to be addressed”

I hope this helped you. For more styling tips stay in touch.

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