The maintenance of RO water purifiers

Reverse Osmosis Water purifiers

Multistage filtering process is observed in the reverse osmosis water purifiers which combine with activated carbon and particle filtration.  Contaminated water collected from the tap is passed through a polymer membrane consists of tiny pores and helps to filter the microorganisms and Minerals. The impurities are flushed out with the help of an outlet pipe.  The taste of the water is enhanced but it cannot be stated that the water is 100% free from  all the contamination.  The membranes after prolonged use become weak and some of the organic impurities can get through the membrane.  Therefore the arrow water purifiers require proper maintenance procedure to perform efficiently.  The RO water purifiers require continuous flow of water and work with only one source of water.  Average price of RO water purifier varies between 9000 rupees and 22000 rupees. The annual maintenance cost of RO water purifiers generally varies between 50 to 60% of the cost of water purifiers.

What is the annual maintenance contract?

The water filter installed in houses or in the commercial complexes requires regular maintenance services in order to perform efficiently.  The customers at the time of purchasing the water filters enter into a maintenance contract with the water filter manufacturer and this contract is known as the Annual Maintenance Contract for water filters.  All the terms and conditions are clearly mentioned in the contract and the manufacturer provides Maintenance Services according to the contract.

The water filter manufacturer provides the customers with three annual visits of a technician who looks after the health of the water purifier installed in the customer’s place. An extra emergency visit by the technician is also provided by the manufacturer if an emergency situation arises.  It is very important for the customer to understand the annual maintenance contract properly and then purchase the product.

The RO water purifiers are technically much advanced and therefore the manufacturing companies provide high-level maintenance for the arrow water purifiers. amc charges for aquaguard ro purifiers range between 4500  rupees to 5000 rupees.

Reasons behind the variation in the Maintenance cost of water purifiers

  1. The annual maintenance cost of RO water purifiers depends on the brand. Aquaguard RO water purifier comes with UV filters also which requires regular maintenance.
  2. The annual maintenance cost also depends on the usage of the water purifiers.  If an Aquaguard RO water purifier is overused, then problems in the components of the water purifier are inevitable and therefore the water purifier requires higher maintenance cost.
  3. The quality of the water which is filtered in the Aquaguard water filter is also an important factor to determine the annual maintenance cost of the water purifier.  If the water is highly contaminated or hard water then frequently replacement of the components like the membrane and the Storage tanks absolutely necessary to make the water filters work properly.  Otherwise, contaminated water will not be filtered properly and the water filters will be unable to provide safe and healthy drinking water to the users.
  4. The materials which are used to manufacture the water purifier are very important as the performance of the water purifier depends largely on the quality of the materials used to manufacture the product.  The branded water purifiers like Aquaguard are built with high-grade materials; therefore, they perform better with minimum maintenance.  Otherwise, the cheap variants of water filters require more maintenance visits because the components fail to perform in the long run.
  5. The branded and reputed water purifiers like Aquaguard RO have many service centers and they respond very quickly to the queries of the customers. the problem faced by the Customers result can be resolved very quickly reduces the which reduces the repeated occurrence of the problem and hence, therefore, the annual maintenance cost is less for the branded water purifiers like Aquaguard RO.
  6. Performance of water purifier also depends on the number of persons using purifier in a day. The components of the water purifier are more prone to technical faults because of overuse and hence the water purification water system which is used by many people have a higher maintenance cost.
  7. The Aquaguard RO water purification system comes with UV water purification. The RO membrane of the water purifier system is expensive and they are required to be changed at regular intervals. The aquaguard amc price is higher than the ordinary water purification system of the same company.
  8. Aquaguard RO water purifier also comes with UV filters to kill the microorganisms more effectively.  The UV bulb of the purifier water purifier needs to be changed very often so that The UV filter can effectively filter all the microorganisms and harmful metals from water.
  9. Some water filters also include the germ kill kits and replacement of this kits increase the maintenance cost of the water filters. The cost of the maintenance of RO water purifier is subjective and it also depends on the technologies used for the water purification process.  the RO membrane of  the  water purifiers are very costly and therefore the maintenance cost of water purifier using the RO water filter technologies are higher than the other type of water filters.
  10. Some are water filters used spin welded RO membranes which are damage proof and long lasting because they can withstand the damage caused by sand mud and dust present in the contaminated water.  The water filters using the RO technology also use the UV filters to remove the physical impurities of the contaminated water before the RO purification which causes less harm to the RO membrane.  The cost of such water filters is high but the annual maintenance cost is less in those types of water filters.

AMC Terms and conditions of RO water purifiers

  1. Three annual visits by the technician to look after the health of the water purifier
  2. An additional visit if an emergency situation occurs
  3. The cost of annual maintenance must be cleared at the time of purchasing the equipment.
  4. The manufacturer of the water purifier is bound to provide genuine spare parts to the customers.

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