The Top 3 Offbeat Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh

Every state in India has several mysteries situated close to its heart. You will be able to unravel the mysteries of these states only when you spend a considerable amount of time with the locals truly discovering the unchartered territories. Here we shall list down the top 3 off-beat places to visit, for every travel enthusiast as part of his/her Himachal tour package.

Mesmerizing Sightseeing Experiences

Sightseeing is a crucial part of every travel diary. It is highly likely that you see most of the popular places in Himachal as part of your Himachal tour package. However, here are a few places that you will not find in any tour package pamphlet and surely do not want to miss.


Renukaji is located nearly 370 km away from Delhi and it is a place that you surely do not want to miss if you love art and architecture. In fact, it is a great place for you to visit in case you are pursuing your architectural degree to understand the intricacy hidden in the architecture of historical India. The beautiful temples located beside a crystal-clear lake are not only soul-soothing but beautifully complex in nature.


The perfect time to visit Janjheli is towards the end of the winter season, that is, during the mid of February. If you plan a 2-week journey correctly, you will be able to see a snowy winter and a lush green spring right in one place. Janjheli is one of the few places in the world that offer a beautiful and natural transformation of the season right in front of your eyes.


If you are an avid reader or a TV show binger, you already know what a cliffhanger means. However, we have a slightly different definition of the word cliffhanger, hidden for you in the greenery of Himachal. The Cliffhanger destination is located in the remote areas of Pradesh, about 750 km from the heart of Delhi. A drive along the Cliffhanger’s roads will make you easily grab onto your seats in fear and adrenaline rush. If you are going on for a drive here, make sure that you have a really good driver at the wheel.

These off-beat places in Himachal will give you a run for your money if you do not spend wisely since they are located in remote areas. However, if you are wise enough to control your spending, you might be able to enjoy the exhilarating experience of the place.

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