Top 5 Places that Tourists love the Most in Bhopal

Bhopal is a popular city and the capital of Madhya Pradesh. The land talks about the rich history and advanced contemporary era. Be it tourist destinations, industrialisation, educational institutions, monuments, spiritual sites or natural spots; the city is heaving with everything.

You can easily get comfy rooms in the Best resorts in Bhopal for your stay during a trip to this city. Come on; don’t miss this city if you really want to enjoy enlightenment and pleasure together. For a demo, just have a look at the top 5 Places that tourists love the most in Bhopal.

  1. Bhimbetka Caves

This beautiful place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most stirring spots to visit in Bhopal.  The place is located at a distance of about forty-five kilometres from this city.   It was discovered by an archaeologist named Dr. Vishnu Wakankar in 1957-58 when he volunteered on an easy tour in this area.  The caves here are filled with stunning pre-historic rock paintings that date back to epochs between Palaeolithic and medieval ages.

  1. Van Vihar National Park

This park is stretched over an area of around 445 hectares. It is popular among tourists and travellers because of its lovely environs and rich habitat.  It was founded in year 1979. This park is mapped quite near to Upper Lake and fascinates hundreds of nature admirers, nature shutterbugs and wildlife fanatics throughout the year.

  1. Upper Lake

Upper lake is a lively and majestic place where people enjoy their picnics and outings.  The thrill of the tranquil lake attracts people to spend some treasurable time with their loved ones. The sites of both Sun rise and Sun set here are enchanting and engaging.  It is also called Bada talaab and maps on Western side of city.  It is not only the natural beauty but also one of the most ancient water bodies in India. It is believed to be   constructed in eleventh century.

  1. Gohar Mahal

This mahal is also called Gohar Begum and it is a huge mansion of momentous significance located on banks of the famous Upper Lake. The palace is one of the chief example of archaeological intelligence of past, built in the name of Begum Qudisiya. The architecture of this mahal is mesmerising.

  1. Bhojpur Temple

Construction of Bhojpur Temple is partial and it is believed that it dates back to the 11th century.  It encompasses the hugest Shiva Linga in world. Perhaps, it is reason that it captivates a large number of visitors. The Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.  It is located on banks of Vetraveti River. The name of this temple is driven from King Bhoj; one of the rulers.  The stone Shilling here is 7.5 ft. huge and placed on a podium 21 ft. tall. The temple has stylish and engaging design and people cherish the spiritual and artistic blend here.

So, when are you going to book hotel in Bhopal for your trip to Bhopal? Come on, you cannot leave this city when you have so much of magnificence stored therein!

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