Top Player Picks For NBA Season 2017-18- David Berkowitz Chicago Helps You

Basketball in the United States has been one of the renowned sports of all time. The game has given some of the famous names, legends to name a few in its long history. NBA or the National Basketball Association is the body, which takes care of the basketball games, and events and has a long history of hosting 72 successful seasons overall. David Berkowitz Chicago, a renowned analyst and avid basketball follower has a lot of popular in-game and productive analysis on the game and everything associated with them. According to him, there are certain players, whose contribution and franchise tag price will be a big question considering the general discussion of the season is concerned. Here is a deeper story:

Why the Season is so sensational?

David Berkowitz Chicago feels there are innumerable reasons why to watch NBA this following season, especially having said the popularity of the sport is just increasing are as follows,

  • Soaring Popularity: With every year, the popularity of NBA is getting higher and the average NBA team PPG is 105.6 last year. This is an astounding record for the sport to have crossed the 100 mark for the first time and 96 mark after 1991 season. With fresh new faces and young new talents springing up, there is all the reasons in the world on why to follow the sport.
  • Purple Patch for Karl-Anthony Towns: This youngster from Minnesota Timberwolves has stepped up the plate of being one of the best players of the season, and has helped the team to reach a new pinnacle.
  • Lonzo Ball’s Magic: Laker’s 20 year old Lonzo Ball is the second best pick of the season, and clearly, he is justifying the pick with his unmatched speed and agility to maneuver and score points. Although like any other players, there are minor issues such as the turnovers and shooting skills, rest assured the speed and over throw agility of this young player is bound to make him a star of tomorrow.
  • Gifted skills of Milos Teodosic: The 30 year old superstar from Clippers will run a riot of showing some of his best skills and like the past few seasons, he surely is on the hit list of one of the greats of the game.
  • LeBron James and his quest for a New Record: LeBron James has had one of the most decorated career in NBA with 4 times MVP award stacked against his name. He is now on the verge of unlocking a new record of hitting 30000 points, making him the youngest to do so by beating the record of another Laker’s Greats, Kobe Bryant, who took 34 years and 104 days to reach the points.

NBA all the Way:

David Berkowitz Chicago’s in-depth analysis has ensured fans across the planet to invest some of their precious time and watch some of the closely fought and high standard encounter of basketball game all the way along. Thus, there is no way a person can give the season a miss.

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