Unique Ideas for Table Lamps for Your Home

Table lamps are probably the most creative lighting options that you can have in your house. You can build them from scratch or modify and piece together a few things to create a fantastic table for your table or for an empty corner of your room.

There are actually a number of pretty cool and easy ways to make a new table lamp or deck up an old one. You can also buy table lamps online and then add a touch of your own to get just the kind of light you are looking for at home. In search of some cool ideas to make or deck up a table lamp? Here are some:

  1. This is probably the oldest hack in the book of making table lamps, but this is certainly the most successful and the most beautiful one. Take any glass bottle that you have (it might be good if the glass bottle has honeycombs) and a box of glass paints. Now let your creativity flow and colour the glass bottles. Make sure that you are able to make a pattern since they look really good. Once your painting is done let it dry for about 24 hours. Boar a hole at the bottom of the glass bottle (a very tiny one) and insert rice lights through it. Keep the plug outside. Now place this on a table, corner, wherever you want and enjoy its beauty.
  2. If you do not want to go into the trouble of painting or are not very sure about, but do love the beauty of rich lights then there is another option that you can try out. Take a mason jar and some small and colourful balls of wool like little pompoms. Now with the help of a double sided tape, stick them to the wire of the rice lights at intervals. Place it in the bottle and see how it lights up the room. Instead of the little pompoms you can also use white or coloured plastic balls to cover the bulbs of the rice lights and place them in the bottle to see how that turns out!
  3. If you want a little table lamp for your terrace garden, then the best option is to buy an ornamental bird cage. Then take some rice lights or some battery operated candles and place them inside it. Just watch it as it works wonders on your garden table.
  4. Want to keep it unique? Then shell out a few bucks and get for yourself designer table lamps. They come in various shapes and sizes. If you are planning to place it on your study table then do make sure that it is not too small and neither too large.
  5. If quirky table lamps are what you are looking for then take an empty glass bottle lying about the house, fix a bulb and shade on it and keep it on your bedside table.

There are other ways to make the perfect table lamp for your home. Try these out to see these lamps work their magic!

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