What Does a Data Engineer Do?

The vast field of data science is like a team sport totally. The data engineer helps in so many things including recruiting, organizing and managing the team to great harmony and success. Apart from that, the data engineer is responsible for duties like creating, designing, analyzing and optimizing the data science solutions with data analysis and machine learning models. But have you ever thought about what exactly does a data engineer do? How do you become an awesome big data engineer? Let’s discover this massive field and figure out how one can start his career as a big data engineer with a great big data engineer certification program!

The perfect skill set for data engineers:

  • Having a great knowledge of the tools and elements of data architecture. The data engineers require to have deep knowledge about the analytics infrastructure because almost all their work is focused on architecture. So it’s important to be aware about all of these tools and components.
  • As a big data engineer, you are required to understand the database management. Having the essential knowledge of SQL is another impor asset. Other database solutions including BigTable, Cassandra are great to know because it’s going to help you how to work in the recognizable standard.
  • You should get thorough and in-depth knowledge of data warehousing and ETL tools as these are crucial for data engineers. Familiarity with solutions such as Redshift, StitchData, Segment, and Panoply can help you in long run. An experience with data retrieval and storage is extremely valuable for data engineers.
  • By the time, it should be a no-brainer that having a deep understanding Apache Hadoop-based analytics is an extremely common requirement for data engineers along with a strong knowledge of Hive, MapReduce, and HBase.
  • The knowledge of coding can definitely help you in long-term success. It is extremely valuable to have familiarity with Python, Java, C++, Golang, and Perl.
  • , Machine learning is hugely important and it’s considered to be invaluable for data engineers. The knowledge of statistical analysis and data modeling are essential to the data engineer. This can give you a competitive edge over other candidates while applying for a data engineer job. Make yourself irreplaceable by putting on both the hats!
  • Learning several operating systems including UNIX, Solaris and Linux are going to be very useful as a lot of tools are based on these systems.

The Pathway to become a data engineer

  • The career path of a data engineer isn’t often a traditional one. It has a more hybrid approach than other careers. Normally, after completing a degree in Computer Sciences or Information Technology, you can look for specific senior big data engineer certification programs or certification programs. If you can manage to get the proper certification, it can be hugely valuable for launching your data engineer career. There are several great big data engineer certification which includes Google’s Certified Professional, IBM Certified Data Engineer, CCP Data Engineer from Cloudera, and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert and sub certifications such as MCSE.
  • Getting the best possible big data engineer certification is one of the stepping stones. These big data engineer certifications are hugely important for general learning. Some other sites are greatly focused on data science and engineering with significant training. Focus on your specific requirements and go for the certification which fulfills that.

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