An Adventure in the Himachal: Places You Ought to Visit

Himachal Pradesh is that one state in India that you have to visit if simply love to spend a relaxing time in the beauty of hills. This is the place of many hill stations that are just waiting to be explored. While some of these places are frequented by tourists, there are corners in the mountains that are pristine and pure, mostly inhabited by local people.

There are quite a few places to visit in Himachal Pradesh and hence a Himachal tour package ( will take you about 9-10 days, at least to cover. Well, if you are thinking about planning a trip to this northern state of India, then here are some of the places that you have to visit when there:

  1. Manali: This is a favourite attraction of Himachal Pradesh for both the young and old alike. There are various roadside cafes in the quaint town of Manali where you can sit for hours on end soaking in the beauty of the mountains. A perfect weather throughout the year, Manali attracts many tourists particularly during the summer months. In fact you can begin your Himachal Pradesh tour from Manali.
  2. Shimla: Shimla is a favourite tourist destination of many tourists. People who live in Delhi often escape to the pleasant hill station of Shimla during the summers, to escape the heat of the plains. A town, which was developed as a summer retreat of the British, is now a world famous tourist destination. There are plenty of places to visit here- from the mall area to the many churches. The slanting roofs of the houses that line the streets of Shimla make this place all the more beautiful. This is also a famous shooting spot for many Bollywood films. If you want to experience Shimla in its true colours, then do visit this hill station in autumn.
  3. Dalhousie: This is another favourite of many tourists, tucked cosily in a corner of Himachal Pradesh. There are plenty of nice places to stay here and roaming around the streets of this hill station, visiting the many monasteries, lend a totally different flavour to your Himachal Pradesh tour. Do visit the churches of this place too.
  4. Dharamshala: If you want to try out some trekking and visit some of the most auspicious temples of India then a stay at Dharamshala for a couple of days is a must. The Jwalamukhi temple is located near Dharmashala which is one of the most visited religious sites in India.
  5. Kasol: If you are into some moderate level trekking then Kasol will serve as your starting point for some of the most famous treks. It is also very beautiful, lined on all sides by snow covered mountain peaks. It is easily accessible with a bus or a rented car from Delhi. If you are into adventure sports, then you can try out paragliding and river rafting here. It is a lovely place to visit with friends.

These are some of the places that you have to visit when touring through Himachal Pradesh to make the most of it.


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