Drapes are the vital factor while imparting a much-desired finish to any room

Many people when decorating the house consider curtains as an important aspect and select their texture, colors, etc with deep analysis. But while choosing and making a selection of the rods or the drape hardware, they simply overlook and choose anyone to which they come across in the market. This is the most wrong method of making a selection as a curtain rod is considered to be the vital element of any window treatment that is equally capable of imparting the finishing touch to the house.

It will be a matter of big surprise to know that curtain rods are available in a large variety of sizes, styles, designs, finishes that are varied in prices giving an extraordinary look to the house. One simply needs to approach the right drapery hardware manufacturers for getting the perfect fit of drapes for their house. Down here is given a list of guidelines to assist you to choose the right curtain rods for the dream house-

  • First and foremost requirement of a perfect rod for the house is the need to determine the place where they are supposed to be mounted. This decision, will in turn, shall vary with the type of curtains you are employing. It is because of the reason that a few curtain types look good if hung above the window frame, whereas many are hung within the window frame.
  • Once the place of hanging the rod is decided, next is to choose the design and style of the curtain rod. There are a lot of options available, as the curtain rods are available in a large variety. It is advisable to choose a decorative rod if the rods are to be mounted above the window frame, whereas selecting a traverse rod if hanging curtains are with a chord is a wise selection.
  • After rod selection, the next step includes, selecting the finials of the rod which are not exceptional but simple decorative pieces that are attached to the rod on the ends. One would be pleased to know that these are also available in a large variety with the drapery hardware companies in a variety of material too. Depending upon the taste, choice and complement to the room decor one can make its perfect selection.
  • Making the selection of above hardware material is not a difficult task. Hence, the important step which requires some knowledge and experience is the size saver which is required between the two rings. It is so analysed to get the correct measurement of the curtain rod.

Every room is different from each other. One should make wise selection of the drape hardware material as curtains are the complementary x-factor to every room. They enhance the overall look of the room decor. Hence, one must consider hiring a professional installer if the drapery job is too big to be completed as they perform work with efficiency. On the other hand, if the windows are very large or high or if one is unfamiliar with installing the hardware a professional is a must.

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