What do healthy people do every day? Matt Rush discovers.

The problem with being healthy is that so few people can do it. It is easy to categorize being healthy as something strenuous that you have to do every day or something as unpleasant as not eating your favorite foods. But that is not true. Being healthy is actually a matter of habit. So what do healthy people do every day of their lives? Here’s an article that tells you just that.

Eating should be free of distraction, says Matt Rush

Eating food is something that should not be a chore you need to get done. It is an enjoyable activity and you should try to keep it that way as much as possible. Eating your meals taking your time and without any distractions is a great idea and something that healthy people routinely do. Ban the use of mobile phones at the dinner table and switch off the television. Let mealtimes be the time you reconnect and chat with loved ones so that every morsel you take in is a happy one. It will give you some much-needed gadget-free time and help you connect with people who matter the most.

Get fresh air

Getting fresh air is something that is a priority with healthy people, believes Matt Rush. If you are lucky enough to have the time to get up in the morning for a brisk walk, then do it as much as you can. If not, you can always pop outside the workplace for a 10-minue walk in the fresh air during lunch break. A brisk walk in the fresh air will fill your lungs with fresh air and make you healthy.


Healthy people make it a point to be active throughout the day. Even if you have a job that has you sitting in an office all day, you should take time out to be active as much as you can. Get out of the house after dinner and go for a run. Get up 30 minutes early and go for a brisk walk. Activity will keep you active and fit all day long.

Include fruits and vegetables in your diet

Including fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet is a great way of upgrading your health level. Fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients and have low calories and hence, Matt Rush believes they are a much healthier choice than meats. So try and include fruits and vegetables as much as possible in your daily meals and enjoy seeing your health levels go up.

Eat dark chocolate

Eating dark chocolate is something that may be considered indulgence but you should know that it is also a good habit you can inculcate easily. Dark chocolate has fats that are good for you and good for your heart and it does not have too much sugar. It is certainly a lot better than other sweet treats you may indulge in once in a while. In fact, eating a little dark chocolate everyday will help you get better health. So indulge without any guilt.

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