Liquid Funds: For those who may need invested amount suddenly

For a number of people, the investment of an additional amount is a big headache. They cannot invest it in an option where the return is too low, and risk is high. Such an investor cannot keep the fund idle also, and hence they have to get the same to an option where may they get a low return, but the amount can be withdrawn as and when they need it. For such investors also, there are some funds available in the mutual fund market, which can help such investors feel great relief.

The options:

In the mutual fund market, every company has a different vision and plans according to the same. The liquid funds managed by them are invested in the market where the amount can be immediately withdrawn. These funds are managed by professional managers who have knowledge of the field and keep an eye on the market conditions. The client of such investor needs to follow the KYC in the initial stage and raise the request when he needs the money. Here one can have less return, but still, it is better than keeping the fund idle. Therefore many corporate clients and big investors go for the liquid fund option where the amount is invested in government bonds and indemnity papers.

Invest the fund easily:

The most notable thing here is the way of investment. The method of investment is simple, where one can go for online or offline options. Usually, corporate clients prefer to go for the online option where the investment can be made easily. One needs to upload a few of the documents of the company and transfer the fund to the mutual fund company after selecting the right option. The fund can be easily transferred, and once the mutual fund company receives the fund in its account, the folio of the concerned client is generated where the client can find all the relevant details.

Here one can find the NAV of the instrument, the total value of the investment, amount invested, charges if there are any, date of transaction, folio number and the name of the investor. Hence one can get all the material information in a single go with the statement. These statements are regularly provided to the clients. The client can also check the NAV in the market and keep updated about the situation of his account.

The options:

The mutual fund companies offer various options such as growth and dividend, where the client needs to choose an option as per his requirement and profile. Usually, the amounts invested in liquid funds are invested with the growth option only. It is also an option with an open end as the client does not prefer to block the amount for a long period. The most notable thing here is one can get the amount as per his requirement which can be in one shot or even as partial withdrawal so that the rest of the amount can keep on fetching some return which may be otherwise left idle only.

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