Pregnancy Massage: How safe is it?

Massage is being used for therapeutic reasons for ages for eliminating the levels of stress and tension that develops within the muscles. As a matter of fact, pregnancy can be really stressful, due to excessive weight to be borne by the pregnant woman. Therapeutic massage can benefit the pregnant mothers as it helps to provide them with relief from the aching and stretching muscles. A different approach is very much required in pregnancy. However, the benefits that can be enjoyed through massage, if performed correctly can add towards healthy prenatal care. It is only a qualified and well trained massage therapist who can provide prenatal massages to the pregnant woman. They are the ones who know as to how the pregnant mother is to be given massage safely without actually harming the baby or her.

Enjoy the benefits

Since stress is reduced by massage, the pregnant woman can feel relaxed. She feels much healthier, due to the relief that she avails from muscle strain. At the same time, massage also helps to provide relief from depression symptoms as it offers her with that all good feeling. Proper massage and timely medicine for oncology while pregnant does improve lymphatic system and circulation and focuses on muscle groups all over the body. It is also safe for the pregnant women as it targets those areas requiring change because of pregnancy hormones, including loosening of muscles and joints, thus relieving common discomforts that are experienced during this stage.

Massage reduces swelling and regulates hormones

Pregnancy hormones are said to surge through mother, thus making her to feel discomfort. Since circulation is enhanced with safe massage, it does help with her overall well being, including hormone regulation. This is because, with the mother getting stress-free, there are experienced balanced hormones. Again hormones fluctuate due to stress. It is only proper stress and oncology in pregnancy medicine that can help reduce norepinephrine and cortisol (stress producers) and release more of dopamine and serotonin (feel good hormones). This way, the pregnant mother is able to relax and to reduce the chances of experiencing preterm labor issues.

Pregnancy does causes swelling in the woman, which affects the joints and muscles, thus causing discomfort in her. It is only a good massage that will help to alleviate swelling. The soft tissues are caused to reduce fluid build-up, which helps the body to dispose excessive fluids and enhance comfort.

Who is to avoid prenatal massage?

Pregnant women experiencing high risk pregnancy are to avoid prenatal massage. Moreover, high risk conditions like high blood pressure arising from PIH or preeclampsia, at risk for premature birth or preterm labor. Besides these conditions, the pregnant woman is to consult her healthcare provider if she can have prenatal massage. Prenatal massage is considered to be safe and good, only if she is found to be in the best of her health. But some are of the belief that it can be dangerous for the pregnant woman to get massage during her initial trimester as there can be enhanced risks of miscarriage.

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