Significance of an abnormal pap smear?

Are abnormal pap smears common during pregnancy? To have an idea and the implications of it, you would need to understand what an abnormal pap smear mean. It is a test which every womanneeds to have within a couple of years. Some health care providers are of the opinion that women should have a Pap smear test undertaken every year. During this test, a cluster of cells in the cervix, are collected and then viewed under a microscope. It figures out whether a woman has a cervical cancer or if there is a chance of contracting one. It is quick fix test and for most time it is a painless procedure. The best part about this test is that the accuracy levels are high, which does point to the fact that women who are prone to a regular pap smear will have less chances of being effected with cervical cancer.

When no abnormalities are detected during the test, it is a negative or normal Pap smear test. When there is a cancerous or pre-cancerous cell it does point to an abnormal pap smear. Just take note of the fact that a few things can play havoc with the results. It could be in the form of vaginal douche or sexual intercourse. On all counts an abnormal pap smear while pregnant is a normal scenario. When you are pregnant, your doctor will ask you to be part of a Pap smear test as it is a routine procedure. Then the doctor is going to discuss the treatment options with the patient. Normally options that are safe are suggested or in certain cases, the possibility of delaying the treatment till the baby being born could also be discussed. More often than not delivery of the baby is going to wash away the cervical cells.

If the doctor figure out if there is any form of serious problem, then immediate treatment might be suggested or further round of testing may be recommended when you are pregnant. A biopsy or a colposcopy may be recommended. In the former, the doctor with the help of a microscope finds out the abnormal cells in the cervix.  In case of a biopsy, a few cells are taken from the cervix and further round of testing is suggested.  You would need to be aware that presence of abnormal cells in no way indicates cancer it does mean that further round of testing may be needed.

You can perform aPap smear test when you are pregnant. The only difference that is going to make is that there would be an increase in bleeding than normally when you perform it. Any procedure that is performed is going to cause some form of bleeding outside of the cervix, but trust me there is no danger posed to the baby in any way. Sometimes the doctor may recommend the patient for an internal biopsy, in that case there could arise a host of pregnancy complications. Better discuss the risks with your health care provider.

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