There are Cakes for Every Type of Cake lovers

Cakes are perfect for every occasion. Fruit cake has been the most traditional variation of cakes and it is still available.

There are numerous varieties of fruit cakes available these days and cake shops can also bake them for you. Here are some special varieties which one should try if they have not yet.

Jewelled fruit cake: It is made of dates, maraschino, sliced pineapple, peach and a small quantity of brandy. It is mainly made for Thanksgiving days but you can enjoy it any time.

Jamaican fruit cake: This is especially for the ardent fruit lovers. Made of cherries, walnuts and dates the main ingredient for this cake is Jamaican white rum or red wine which gives a bitter rich taste to it.

Sugarless fruit cake: Pineapple, cranberries and coconut are mixed together with baking powder and butter to make a soft batter. Sugar is not used in it,instead artificial sweetener or honey can be used.

It is said that the world’s famous bakers were the ancient Egyptians. They used to bake a cake over hot stones. Do you know why cakes are fluffy and round? This is because it was made of unused breads which were 2-3days old. Natural yeasts were used to give it a flat top. At present, there are varieties of cakes which are available. Chefs and bakers have made a lot of combinations and permutations to find some really special verities of cakes. There are some special cake recipes which are ruling the heart of people from every corner of the world. Some are here for you. You can either bake them or you can order them from cake shops.

Apple Sauce Cake: This is a cake which is made of apricots, raisins and walnuts. But apple sauce is the main ingredient. It can be decorated with chocolate sauce or a sugar frosting.

Window Cake:  A sponge cake which is very light. It has a checkerboard layering in the interior. It is known to be discovered by Princess Alice, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria.

Rhum Baba: Small cakes made of raisins; currants and sugar syrup are baked in cylindrical moulds. It was originated in Poland by Polish King Stanislas Leszczynska.

Some people are in love with chocolates and cannot think of cakes which are not made of chocolates. Here are some special varieties for the diehard chocolate lovers.

Chocolate Hazelnut cake: The cake is made of common ingredients that are use4d to make a normal chocolate cake. Then use hazelnut crumbs all over the top layer of the cake. One can also garnish it with raspberries and whipped cream. Chocolate dust is spread all over the cake.

Chocolate cake with espresso glaze: It is completely flourless. It is made with dense chocolate crumbs. Espresso coffee flavour is used in the batter with reach and creamy chocolate. It is served with hot melt chocolate.

Chocolate Spice cake: It is a basic chocolate cake made of flour, liquid chocolates, egg and butter. An exotic blend of spices is mixed in the batter to give it a different taste. It is a basic chocolate cake with a spicy touch.

For online cake order, one has to search cake websites and check the varieties available there. Then they can order their favourite one.

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