Fresh Flowers are the key to Good Mood

Flowers are mainly sent when one tries to wish someone good luck or wants to express something to them which they cannot express otherwise with words. Flowers are beautiful and it brings positivity along with it. That is why; people wishes someone good luck and prosperity through flowers. They are considered to be very auspicious as well. So, flowers are the best possible things to gift when there is a birthday or a wedding anniversary or anything that is good.

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Fresh flowers lighten up moods

Flower bouquets always lighten up the mood even if someone is in a grumpy mood. That is why; if your partner is not in a good mood and if they are angry on you, then gifting them flower bouquets can immediately change their mood and make them happy. Do not forget to attach a lovely note along with it and then your partner will not be angry anymore on you.

How to keep the flowers fresh?

Gifting fresh flower bouquets is a very good idea. But those who receive it should know how to keep them fresh at least for a couple of days. If a nice bouquet dies within hours, then it is not a good thing. But how to keep a flower bouquet fresh at home? Well, there are some simple ways in which you can keep your flower bouquets fresh. There are some simple methods.

First of all, keep the bouquet away from direct sun light. It harms the petals and leaves them dead in a few hours. Keep the bouquet in a fresh and clear vase with fresh water. This is because; if the vase is crystal clear, you can see when the water gets dirty and can change them immediately.

Do not keep your bouquet in just plain water. You can mix a cap full of mouth freshener or a tea spoon of sugar or you can crush a dispirin tablet in the water to keep the flowers fresh. These all help the bouquet to remain alive for a couple of days.

You can pour some water in a hair sprayer and keep them sprinkling on petals and leaves from a regular distance on a regular interval. Then the flowers and the leaves remain fresh for a longer time. You can also cut the extra stems and leaves from the bouquet to save them from getting decayed early.

Every season is mostly a flower season. One can pick up the seasonal favorites to add on the bouquets to make tem unique. If it is for someone special, then one should put seasonal blooms into it. This makes them even more vibrant and colorful.

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